It's Saturday!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Saturday, y'all!  Hope you're having a fantastic Easter weekend!  Steven and I are heading down to Charlotte today to do a little shopping at Southpark Mall, more specifically, the Apple Store.  Eeek!  Did I tell you guys that Steven lost his iPod on his most recent trip to Ohio?  Yep, left it in the seatback pocket on the plane.  He just got it for his birthday last year, so guess what he's getting again this year!  (His b-day's Monday.)  I just hope this doesn't start a trend.  Anyway, I'm sure we'll make time for a little detour to Anthropologie, and maybe Crate & Barrel. 

Oh, and I think I'm coming down with the same cold my little girl at work had last week.  Ugh.

In other news, I bought half a yard of this fabric yesterday:

Isn't she lovely and all springy-like?

I'm *hoping* to make placemats for our bar area.  (I say hoping because my vision will require sewing.  I broke out my sewing machine last week for the first time in years, and after I spent approximately 3 hours trying to figure out how to load the bobbin, I actually made some pretty decent ruffles.  So we'll see how it goes.)  Standard placemats are too wide and long to fit there, and the bar leaves a lot to be desired in style, so I thought adding some color would bring it up a notch.

I hope you guys have a very happy Easter!  I get to wear the very expensive dress I bought for a special occasion and have only worn once, so I'm super duper excited about that.  And I got an awesome necklace at Stein Mart yesterday to go with it, but I have to take it back because the fabric is coming off one of the beads, so I'm crossing my fingers they have another one in stock!  Maybe I'll resurrect WIWW this week so you all can see!  Have a great day!

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