Um, termites...

Friday, April 15, 2011

Last weekend, we stopped by Lowe's to pick up some flowers before our $10 of a $50 purchase coupon expired.  I got some lovely petunias for my wicker planters...

(BTW, don't try to break into our house because we are totally protected.  I hate those little CPI stickers on our doors, not to mention that Steven insists we have a CPI lawn stake right beside our front door, which is a total eyesore.  But anything to stop the burglars, right?)

And some for the flower bed in front of our house.

See the little plant beside the landscape light (it's a white petunia that hasn't flowered yet)?

While digging the hole for it, I came across a bunch of little bitty white crawling things.  I planted 36 plants and only found them in this one spot.  My immediate thought was TERMITES!  I've only seen termites on TV, so I can't be sure, and I just did a google image search on them, which neither confirmed nor denied my suspicion because they were so dang small I couldn't see them in detail.  I immediately went into freak out mode, totally prepared to spend a ridiculous amount of money to get rid of the little buggers.  My father-in-law put a few in a ziploc bag (he was here mowing the yard for us), and he's going to take them to a pest control person and see if he knows what they are.  Meanwhile, I'm walking on eggshells just sure my house is going to collapse at any minute.

We scraped out as much of our wood mulch as we could, just to be on the safe side for the time being (the beds look completely nekked if you can't tell from the above photos).  Depending on what the termite people say, we might have to go back with rubber mulch (ick) since this bed is right next to our house.  BUT hopefully if they come out and spray, it won't matter how much wood mulch we have.

Have any of you had termite problems before?  Did you totally freak out like I did?


  1. That's so scary! I hope they aren't termites!

    Just Better Together

  2. Hopefully it's just a gross bug you found. If not, it could get costly depending on how far the termites have gotten. My dad is a manager for Terminix. He tells me stories all the time about how people will get their homes treated by another company and within a year need terminix to fix the problem. That actually happened at our last apartments. Orkin sprayed, or said they did. They noticed some damage, called terminix and had over $30,000 worth of termite damage! If you caught it early,fingers crossed, it will be as simple as a monthly treatment. Let us know how it goes!