Update: Termites

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The termite guy came out and inspected our house yesterday.

The verdict: We have termites.


He says he doesn't think they've actually reached our house yet (How does he know? We're just trusting that he does since he's the expert).

They're probably going to come out and spray next week.  $1,000... oh joy.

He dug behind one of the bushes in front of our house and found them, so we dug back there when we got home yesterday and my gosh they're everywhere.  Disgusting.

They have to drill holes in the concrete in our garage to put the solution into the ground (because apparently termites thrive under concrete), and then they'll drill holes all around the perimeter of our house.  Hooray.

I'm just glad we decided to plant flowers this year (Steven was against it for whatever reason - I think he was just being lazy), and found the termite babies.  It had never even crossed my mind before.

So, yeah, can termites go extinct already?  Scientists, start working on that.

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  1. $1000! That’s a lot! How bad was it? And how come it costs that much even though they’re not in your house yet? I guess $1000 now is better than $2000 or $3000 or even $10,000 later on. You’re very lucky to have detected the termite infestation early on.

    Lucile Lynch