Calypso St. Barth for Target

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've seen the numerous commercials and magazine ads for a new designer line at Target - Calypso St. Barth.  I first read about it in a magazine (Better Homes and Gardens, I think) where they highlighted this fabulously affordable pouf that would be in stores May 1st when Target rolled out its new line:

I decided right then that this pouf would be the cornerstone of my office makeover.  At $60, it would be the most expensive purchase, but would bring the design together.

Well, I didn't make it to Target until May 3rd and I had mighty high hopes.  I had already scoped out all of the items on the internet and I was pretty excited.

Whatdya know, but to my surprise this exceedingly advertized new line was nowhere to be found in my Target store.  Sure, there were a couple of clothing items and some flip flops.  Also, I found the melamine plates.  But where were the rest of the home decor items?  Where was my pouf?! 

I was disappointed.  I've been checking back every few days to see if maybe my Target store was late getting a shipment or something.  But so far, nothing.  The Target web site says my gold pouf is sold out.  Now what do I do?!  I keep thinking if only I had made it there on the 1st.  There must have been a line of like-minded women all waiting anxiously for those red doors to open and when they did, they ran straight to the Calypso section and snatched up all of the fabulousness.  What other explanation is there?

Were you guys just as excited as I was?  For the first time ever, I can say Target has let me down.

But let's just take a looky see at what I may have bought had there been anything left on the 3rd.

I love the color and the tassels on this summery scarf.

Apparently this gorg candleholder is still in stock, but where is it?  Where is it?!

Oh gold cuff, how I love thee.

How amazing is this dress?  It just shouts SUMMER to me.  Maybe I need to look a little harder for this one.

If I had a baby girl, she would be dressed in things like this.

They did have these at my Target store, but if I buy one more pouch, make-up bag, etc etc, then Hoarders will surely come knocking at my door.  Isn't it so purdy though?

I love these.  Can't you just imagine them sitting on your patio at night all aglow with candlelight?  Love.

Were any of you just as excited about the Calypso line as I was?  Is your Target store better stocked than mine is?

BTDubs... you can get your very own Calypso Pouf on eBay for $160.  Really, people?!  Who would pay that when they were just in the store for $60??  I guess if you're really desperate... luckily I'm not.

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