Epic Quatrefoil Mirror Redo

Friday, May 6, 2011

Remember back in, um, October when I wrote this post?  Well, I am finally ready to reveal the makeover my fabulous quatrefoil mirror underwent!  Whew, was this the longest mirror makeover in history, or what??

Here she is in all her "before" glory.  Ugly brown paint, chipping everywhere (and not in a good way).

Hi, feet!

It was destined to be hung on this wall at the end of the hallway.  I never did like that picture frame there.

So right after Christmas (yes, you read that right) I took this bad boy downstairs and started the transformation.  I turned it over, took all of the little bitty screws out of the half-moon holder thingies...

And what do I find but the mirror is caulked all around with silicone and I can't get it out.  Boo!

Onto Plan B.

Cut up lots of little pieces of kraft paper and slip them behind the wood to protect the mirror!  Brilliant!  (Even if it did take foreva.)

I gave the wood a light sanding...

...then opened the white paint and went to work!

It needed a couple of coats to cover up that dark brown.  After it dried, I slipped all of the kraft paper out.  Note to self for future quatrefoil mirror redo:  take kraft paper out while paint is still wet.  It will save you a lot of hair-pulling.

And here's where she sat for four months!

Until I finally picked up some of these from Lowes.

5 minutes later and she was finally at home.

I apologize for the night-time picture but I knew if I didn't snap a pic right then, it would be another four months before you guys would see it!

I love it!  I think it fits the space much better than that tiny picture frame did.  And she will tie in beautifully with the laundry closet redo I'm planning (it's on the left in the above photo).

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  1. I think the mirror looks great in that spot! You did such a great job.