New Master Closet: Ordered!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

So a few months ago, after the massive shoe rack fail, I had a couple of closet companies give us a quote on totally redoing our master closet.  The cheapest option came in at $1,600, the most expensive at $2,000.  That's a lot of money for a closet, so we took a trip to Home Depot just to see what they had in terms of closet organization.  Lo and behold, we found the Martha Stewart Closets line.  I came home that night, looked it up on Home Depot's web site, and found out Martha had a web site with a design tool.  Just input my closet measurements (the closet companies had already done all the measuring for me!), and voila - I could choose exactly what I wanted.  The companies had measured exactly how much hanging space we had and made sure we had at least that much in our new closet design, so I used their measurements and actually ended up with 9 more inches of hanging space, plus all the other lovely storage.  Take a looky-see.

Left hand wall when you walk in.  The shelves will house our hat collection, my purses and socks, and miscellaneous other items.  I'm sure I will have no problem filling them up!  I bought some top secret storage solutions for these shelves which you'll have to wait until the final reveal to see!  I'm super duper excited!

Back wall.

Right wall.

The program only has so many options so I couldn't do every combination I wanted.  So in the above pic, instead of shelves above the drawers, we're going to have another rod for hanging.  And we're doing away with the shelf above the long hanging so we can move the rod up and have room for our hamper on that side.  The drawers will house my favorite PJs (I seriously doubt all of them will fit), and probably (hopefully) my layering tanks.

We ordered the whole closet system Sunday night and it came in under $1,000.  Yes, we have to do all the work ourselves, but it should be fairly easy and straightforward to install.  Famous last words?  I hope not!

Guess what my favorite feature is.  Can you guess?  I know that's a toughie. 

The shoe shelves... OMG!  How fabulous will my shoes look all lined up and organized?!

I'm so not looking forward to taking everything out of our closet.  Not to mention we have to rip out the massive wooden shelving unit that's already in there.  Then we have to patch holes and paint before we can even start installing the new system.  But it will be sooo worth it.  I'll keep you updated on the progress.

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