The ASU Tailgating Bus, a.k.a. Mount Rushfour

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Did I ever tell you guys that we have a bus?  Steven and 3 of his friends (a.k.a. The Quad Squad) went in together a couple summers ago and bought this old school bus to take to the Appalachian football games.  It was previously owned by ASU grads so it was already painted black and gold, and heretofore hasn't been touched.

Well, the guys decided they weren't happy with the paint job so they are repainting it.  Themselves.  Guess who got the job of coming up with a design scheme?

You got it.  Moi.

Exhibit A:  The Before

Exhibit B, Article I:  Mountains with Pinstriping

This was my first attempt and was not well-received.  I still like it.

Exhibit B, Article II:  Multi-colored Cow Print

Gray and yellow scheme

Black and yellow scheme

Exhibit B, Article III:  APPSTATE

Still my favorite.

Exhibit B, Article IV:  Mountains

The over-50 crowd (a.k.a. the parents) all like this one.  Eh.

Exhibit B, Article V:  Houndstooth!

This idea came out of Cory's pants.  Get your head out of the gutter people, I mean, he has black and yellow houndstooth pants and we all thought, hey, there's a cool bus design!  This one got vetoed out of sheer laziness.

Exhibit B, Article VI:  Chevron

Totally do-able and I still think it looks cool.

Exhibit B, Article VII:  Argyle

Seriously, how cool would THIS be?!

Exhibit B, Article VIII:  Diamonds

I really really lke this one.  And it wouldn't be that hard.

Okay, now for a real "in progress" shot, with a color blocked design overlaid.  I came up with this idea while we were working on it last night and we started taping it up.  It's cool, but I think it lacks dimension.  The boys are against adding any white because that would mean another coat of paint, so we're trying to stick with a 2-color scheme.

So what do you guys think?  Which is your favorite?  We need your input!

Last night the guys were trying to come up with a name for the bus and somehow "Mount Rushfour" was thrown out.  There's 4 of them.  ASU is in the mountains.  I guess that's as clever as they could be with all those paint fumes in their brains.  So if you have a suggestion for a better name, throw that out too.

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