Disney Days: Magic Kingdom

Thursday, June 9, 2011

I'm splitting my Disney recap into 3 posts instead of having one epic long post.  Enjoy!

When we got to Orlando Friday night, we headed straight to Downtown Disney to eat and do a little shopping.  I had the best meatball sub I think I've ever eaten at Earl of Sandwich (or maybe I was just half starved to death).

Gunner, Analeigh, Aunt Pam, Mom

Our first full day was spent at Magic Kingdom. (Because really, what's more Disney than Cinderella Castle?)

Steven on the bus headed to MK!

Yay, we're here!

After Space Mountain (which Gunner wasn't too fond of, even though we made him ride it twice), we went to Fantasyland.

Analeigh and Mom on the teacups.

Of course, what's a trip to Disney without having It's a Small World stuck in your head all day?

Jamey likes to bug Ani, thus the expression captured above.

Snack time with Itzakadoozies.

During the Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade, Gepetto paused for a photo in front of me but I didn't have my camera ready so he acted all hurt and walked off.  Poor Gepetto.

Gunner's signature photo pose.

Yay, Alice looked right at me for a picture!

They changed the nighttime show since we were there last, so this was the first time we saw the castle all lit up with images projected onto it.  It was SO cool.

So that's it for the Magic Kingdom.  Up next: Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.

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