I Dream of... a new computer!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Have I mentioned before how badly I need a new computer?  We bought this one in late July 2007, during tax-free weekend.  Do you guys have a tax-free weekend in your state?  North Carolina designates one weekend before school starts when everything that could be considered a school supply is tax-free!  Clothes, pencils, and of course, computers.  It's the ideal time to upgrade, and we're trying to hold off until tax-free weekend this year, but honestly I don't know if I can wait one.more.day.  It takes me ten minutes to do something that should only take a minute or two.  It drives me batty on a daily basis.  If I get my way (and who are we kidding, I will get my way), this is what we're getting:

Cue the Hallelujah chorus... a Macbook!

I've done the math and by waiting until tax-free weekend, we will only save $80.  I think my sanity is worth more than that, don't you?

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