Operation Craft Room: The Desk Revamp

Friday, July 29, 2011

Onto Phase 2 of Operation Craft Room... Revamping my corner desk!

Steven and his dad built me this desk a couple years ago, after we first painted this room (Wall color is Valspar's High Noon, fyi.  I just love it because it's the perfect grayish blue... I've caught myself staring at it adoringly a time or two.  No joke.  Anywho...)  At the time I painted the desk whatever white I had on hand.  It was fine until I hung my cork board with its crisp white molding.  It just made the desk look dingy.  And I don't do dingy.

Here's the before:

I painted it Valspar's Blue Whisper because I had some leftover from our epic master closet redo (I'll do a post on it someday, pinky promise!).

Like the Lavish Lime table, I wanted to make a skirt for it.  The space under the desk is the perfect place to stash junk, so I needed a way to hide the ugliness!

Enter Heather Bailey's Pop Daisy in Red.*

After spending two hours measuring, re-measuring, cutting, ironing, pinning, and sewing (with help from my friend Crystal - whose hands make a cameo below)...

Ta Da!

Better, right?  The blue paint makes such a subtle, but substantial difference.  I also replaced the pink ribbon around the cork board with blue polka dotted ribbon, to match my new color scheme.  The top of the desk is looking a little cluttered to me, but when I get my new Ikea Expedits (Which I'm asking for for our anniversary in September.  What, you don't ask for storage for your anniversary?), everything will be much more organized.

I wanted to make the skirt removable for ease of access so we attached it using velcro.  Velcro is a pain.in.the.butt and I was afraid it wouldn't hold, but so far so good.  Plus there's a vent under here, which I desperately have to have accessible when I'm working.  My craft room is actually our Bonus Room (or FROG as it's known in the biz - Finished Room Over Garage).  It's seriously 10 degrees warmer up here than the rest of the house at any given time.  I have two ceiling fans, but only two vents in the WHOLE ROOM, so cross-ventilation is key.  See?

Junk disguised!

Up next (I hope):  Upholstered cornice!

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*I bought all my fabric from Pinked Fabrics on Etsy.  Amy was so easy to work with and so sweet!

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