The Merits of Colored Burlap

Monday, July 18, 2011

Hey y'all!  I hope you had a fabulous weekend.  Mine included a lot of this...

and a little of this...

And I couldn't be more pleased!  Here's to hoping I get my projects completed before Christmas so I can show you!

Now, onto other news.  Do you read Real Simple?  After Martha, RS is my most favorite magazine.  The covers are always eye-catching and it's jam-packed full of beautiful photos and useful tips.  Not to mention I love the paper it's printed on... nice and thick, matte instead of glossy.  Can you see the ex-printer coming out in me?  Where am I going with this?  Oh yeah, I got the August issue in my mailbox Saturday:

The color palette on the cover is pretty much exactly what I have in mind for my office makeover, which is down to number 1,462 on my list.  Anywho, what really caught my eye, other than the blues, greens and yellows, was the colored burlap.  See it there in chartreuse and beachy blue?  Swoon.  I know we've all been obsessed with burlap for a while now and it's made quite the rounds in blogtopia, but I really haven't seen it in colors that often.  A search for "colored burlap" and "red burlap" on Houzz turned up no useful results.  So I thought I'd let my fingers take me around the World Wide Web and see if I could find a little piece of burlap heaven.

It seems that it's really easy to find a whole roll of colored burlap for $100+, but who needs 30 yards of bright orange burlap?  But alas, I found it for $3.85/yard here.  Talk about affordable!

There's yellow...

and Barn Red...

and ooh la la sage.

Oh the possibilities!  Back to my aforementioned burlap-hunting on Houzz, I found these photos which I simply had to share!  The burlap is these photos is all natural-colored, but can you just see it in bold punches of color instead?  (Have I ever told you guys how much I hate the term "pop of color".  Talk about over-used!  So I used "punches of color" instead.  Better?  You decide.)

{Click on photos to be taken to source}

Alphabet Teen Boy eclectic kids

Burlap floor poufs/ottomans?  Yes, please!

Amoroso Design contemporary entry

Burlap stair runner... ingenious!  I would be concerned about the edges fraying, but I'm sure there's a solution for that.  I'm imagining this in blue.

The Hillside House modern bathroom

I lovey love the lyrics to "You Are My Sunshine" painted on burlap and framed.  I think yellow burlap is called for here, don't you?

Farmhouse Kitchen eclectic kitchen

Don't you just love that sink skirt?  Hmm, green maybe?

Burlap Walls traditional kitchen

And finally, burlap walls!  Please click on this one and look at the other photos... simply stunning!  The owner of this home said she wanted grasscloth wallpaper, but it was out of her budget so she tacked burlap to her walls instead.  Can you just imagine the possibilities here?  Just tack up any color burlap you want for a sure to be fabulous, easy, affordable transformation.  This may be where those rolls of burlap come in handy.

So what do you think?  Colored burlap... are you in?


  1. I love the colored burlap, I could totally see me using the yellow! Gorgeous and fun!

  2. I love the burlap - so funny I saw the cover of Real Simple in the grocery store and it grabbed my attention - hoping to snag it from my mom - Jennifer