Flashback: My School Photos

Monday, September 26, 2011

I left you last week with some depressing news about my car.  I'm still bummed, but it is what it is and I should have it back good as new in a couple weeks.  So I thought today, in order to get my blog to a more positive place, I would do a little school photo flashback.  It's amazing what random, insignificant information I can remember just by looking at these photos (mostly about my outfits).  Be prepared to see a lot of bangs...

2nd Grade:  Mrs. Austin's Class
Was I cute or what?

3rd Grade:  Mrs. Blake's Class
Mom, what did you dress me in?  I look like a boy!  You'd never know that at the beginning of that year, I made a lifelong friend (Hi Emily!) because she just loved my outfit (it was a cute flowery top and green jean shorts with a matching flowery trim).

4th Grade:  Mrs. Reinhardt's Class
My first outfit from Limited Too (I guess it's Justice now).  I just loved this corduroy shirt.

5th Grade:  Mrs. Cannon's Class
This outfit was a jumper so I had to get completely undressed to go to the bathroom.  Apparently now they're back in style.

6th Grade:  Mrs. Smith's Class
Hello Ears!  This shirt had a matching denim skort.

6th Grade: "Fancy" Spring Photo
I got in a rut in 6th grade and wore the same 5 outfits every week (this being one of them).  And yes, they changed the background light color depending on what you were wearing.  Ha!

7th Grade
This fuzzy shirt was from Limited Too and had a matching black and yellow plaid skort.  It was my fave outfit for years until I finally grew out of it.  Sigh.  I remember going over to my Aunt Turk's house before school this day and having her fix my hair (she's a hairdresser).

7th Grade Spring Photo
My hair has never been as shiny as it was in this photo.  I wish I could go back to my 7th grade self and ask her what her secret was!  I think this is the longest it's ever been too.  Outfit again from Limited Too.  I went shopping with my mom and BFF Crystal to pick this one out and I really wanted a different top but they outvoted me so I got this one instead.  I never loved it.

8th Grade
I think this one gets the prize for Most. Awful. Photo. Ever.  8th grade must have been my awkward year because this was a RETAKE photo because my first one was so terrible.  I don't remember what it looked like but it had to be pretty bad.

8th Grade Spring Photo
Not much better than the Fall one.

9th Grade
My first outfit from American Eagle!  I still have this tank although I only wear it around the house now.  I dyed my hair in it one time so it has two big brown stains on it (oops!).

10th Grade
Shirt from Gap.  I wore it with cut off shorts from Gap and and I remember feeling so good in that outfit.  Especially since my ex-boyfriend (who had a new girlfriend) told me after I wore this outfit that I looked sooo good.  He broke up with her and we got back together.  Then broke up.  Then back together again.  It was a tumultuous cycle with him.

10th Grade Spring Photo
This yellow sweater (from Old Navy) was so huge on me, but I didn't really know what size I was back then.

11th Grade
Tank and Button-up from Dillards.  Necklace borrowed from my mom.  When I think of my junior year, this top immediately comes to mind.

11th Grade Spring Photo
Obviously a few shorts months after 9/11.  Patriotic shirts could be found everywhere, but I think this one came from a store called The Body Shop in the mall.  Jeans too.  I think I still have both of these and wore the jeans up until a couple years ago.

And now, my senior photos...

Right after I had my senior photos taken (at the end of my junior year), I grew my bangs out.  Never turned back.  I can't stand anything on my forehead now and have a slight addiction to bobby pins. I don't know how I did it all those years.

I hope you got a couple laughs at my expense.  What random things can you remember?

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  1. Great blog! :) I loved seeing all the old pictures. I only rocked the bangs in 6th grade but luckily have no pictures to prove it. I realized quickly that bangs didn't like me.