It's Fall Y'all: Halloween Wreaths

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I've mentioned this here before, but having french front doors is both a blessing and a curse.  On one hand, I love how they look and the fact that we have an extra wide opening for furniture to get in and out, but on the other hand I have to have two wreaths for every holiday.  That can get expensive really fast, so I DIY.  

This year's Halloween wreaths were simple.  See the steps below:

1) Cut strips of burlap to desired width.
2) Cut tiny slit about 4 strands down so you can pull a string out.
3) Pull, pull pull to create beautiful ruffles!
4) Glue in place on straw wreath form (Don't worry about covering the back because no one will ever see it!).
5) Buy wooden circles at Hobby Lobby for $1.43 each.
6) Google "witch silhouette" and print suitable image at desired size.
7) Trace onto wooden circles.
8) Fill in silhouette with glue and sprinkle on Martha Stewart's Fire Opal glitter, working in small sections so your glue doesn't dry.
9) Hot glue small ribbon to back of wooden circles, and attach to wreath with pushpins.
10) Hang wreaths from Halloween ribbon and enjoy until October 31st!

Wreath forms: ~$5.00 (Half off at HobLob)
Wooden Circles: ~$3.00
Already had the burlap, glitter and ribbon, so these wreaths only cost me $4 a piece - boom shaka laka.

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P.S. After looking at the photos of my front door, I've decided that I can no longer live with that big piece of white plastic going down the middle.  Why has it never bothered me before?  I'm pretty sure it will be meeting a can of black paint soon.  It's amazing what you notice in photos that you don't notice in real life.  I actually had a dream about this.  I was painting the doors and accidentally leaned into it and got paint on my tank top (the red one from my freshman year photo in this post), but instead of black paint it was avocado green.  Weird.

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  1. I love your wreaths! I wish I could find orange burlap! Thanks for swinging by my blog. Have a great day.
    ~ Merrilee