Wedding Week: Engagement

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

If you're just joining me for Wedding Week, I shared how we met yesterday.  Today, our engagement story.

We had been talking about marriage for a while.  In fact, we went to look at rings (no WAY was I trusting Steven's judgment on something I would be wearing for the rest of my life!).  We planned a trip to the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC for a weekend in early December, 2006.  If you've never been to the Biltmore House, it's simply amazing, especially at Christmas time.  Steven told me we were staying at a Holiday Inn, but when we got there, he was driving through a neighborhood, and something just didn't seem right.  Well, he told me he was lost, and pulled into a bed and breakfast to ask directions.  He came back out and said we were just going to stay here (I would have been really dense not to see what was going on - nice try babe!).  The Hill House Bed & Breakfast was lovely and as soon as we got to our room, there was music playing and he had hidden the ring under the couch.  He popped the question right then and we went out to an extremely nice dinner (you know, the kind of restaurant where the waiters carry around little brooms to sweep the crumbs off your table).  It was a lovely weekend.

We had engagement pictures taken on ASU's campus, and around Boone by our wedding photographer, Brian Salmon.  I love these photos so much and I'm sure I'll cherish them always.  They just say so much about who we are as a couple and the role that ASU played in getting us together.  (I've Photoshopped them to give them a more vintage feel.)

Up next: Our Wedding!

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  1. It all sounds and looks gorgeous. I was just telling Bigbad that I may want to do Biltmore this year to see the holiday decorations.