Wedding Week: Our Honeymoon

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Today's the day!  Happy Anniversary Babe!  

(If you're just joining me, I've already shared how we met, our engagement, and our wedding.)

For the last installment of Wedding Week, I welcome you to join us on our honeymoon in K'aanapali, Maui, Hawaii!

I thought that instead of showing you some plain ol' boring pictures, I'd snazz them up a little bit with some Photoshop actions.  I just delved into the whole world of actions last week, and boy oh boy are they addictive!  I always knew there were nice people out there who made their actions available for download, but I didn't really get just how EASY they are to use.  These are all the photos after they've been actioned up.  I'll show you the befores and give you more info tomorrow.

Anyway, on with the show!

On the plane!  Whew, that was a long flight.

Beautiful leis!  We stayed at The Westin Maui and it was so nice.

Steven with our rental car.

We attempted the Road to Hana, but that curvy curvy road was just too much for me, and I'm not really one to get carsick.  We turned around about halfway through.

Getting ready to board a Catamaran.


Look at that beautiful water!

Sunset, champagne, hors d'oeuvres... what's better than that?

Cool looking tree.

We're actually planning a trip back to the Aloha State next year, but I'm sure I'll keep you guys updated on that.  So, that's it!  We're off to have a fancy dinner at a restaurant I haven't been to since Senior Prom!

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