31 Days of Anti-Laziness: Clean Craft Room

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Whew, it's Day 11 of...

...and I'm starting to feel my lazy ways coming back.  I'm doing my darndest to hold them back for another 20 days... wish me luck!

On the agenda for today: Clean Craft Room.

The good thing about having a craft room is that you can leave all of your "in-progress" stuff laying out and then just shut the door so you don't have to look at it.  The bad thing about having a craft room is that you have so many things in progress that hardly anything ever gets done and the room constantly looks like a tornado came through.

Case in point:

Stuff all put away in its proper spot...

Why, yes, my TV is on the floor.  What, yours isn't?

Wow, I feel so much better.  Now, if only I could muster up the motivation (not to mention the moola) to get this room completed.  But alas, that's for another day.

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