31 Days of Anti-Laziness: Hex Nut Bracelet

Thursday, October 13, 2011

If you're just joining me, I'm participating in Nester's 31 Days of Change series and have declared October the 31 Days of Anti-Laziness, in hopes that I'll actually spend time doing something instead of nothing.  So far, it's been working!  Wahoo!

A while back, I stumbled onto Honestly... WTF and immediately had to pin this...

The Hex Nut Bracelet.  Their tutorial is excellent, so I'll just show you what I did wrong so if you decide to make one for yourself, you'll know what not to do.

I bought my supplies at Lowes...

...and quickly set to work braiding the rope.

Hmm, I didn't really like the busy-ness of my rope at this point.  It was hard to see that it was even braided.  So I decided to see if embroidery floss would be any better.

Hmm... too skinny, so back to the rope.

Threading the small hex nuts onto this pretty large rope proved to be difficult, so I got this far, decided it wasn't quite what I'd envisioned, and abandoned it.

I looked for twine like Honestly WTF had for a couple weeks and couldn't find anything similar anywhere.  Then yesterday I had a brilliant idea... shoelaces!

I picked up two packs at Walmart so I would have three strands for braiding.  Although you really only need one pack because you can cut the laces in half and still have plenty of length for braiding.  

The shoelaces are thicker than I'd like, but I still really like the look of this version.

What do you think?  Have you crafted with items from the hardware store before?

You can find the rest of my 31 Days series here.

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  1. You know what I noticed when I was looking at these pictures? It would be SO easy to pop an IV in you! You have nice, fat veins! :)