31 Days of Anti-Laziness: Replacing a Lightbulb

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's pretty bad when I need this kind of motivation to change a lightbulb...

We have spotlights on the front of our house, which Steven calls our "exterior illumination."  That's a little too fancy for me... I just call them the house lights.

Sorry for the bad "before" photo to follow... I accidentally set off the motion light and was too lazy (are you surprised?) to go back in and turn it off.  Try to ignore that and focus on the middle window...

Yeah, the bulb has been burned out for a while now, but with two minutes of my time, it was replaced and our exterior illumination was restored to its full glory!

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  1. Hi there! Fellow OMTWI crafter stopping by to wish you good luck. I can't wait to see all the inspiring projects that are shared during this competition!

    I hope you are feeling better too.