Santa and Neve: A Tutorial

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hi Guys and Happy Tuesday!  Hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving!  I don't know about you, but I'm still trying to get back into the swing of things.  

In case you missed it, I entered this little Santa and elf (named Neve) into the third round of One Month to Win It.  Sadly, I didn't make it through, but I still think they're adorable!  I've put together a little tutorial in case you want to try them for yourself.

A long time ago, when Santa was young,
(Before the days of Facebook and Twitter),
he was making all the toys himself,
but he was not a quitter.

As Christmas Eve drew nearer and nearer still,
Santa knew he needed an aid.
He looked high and low for the perfect person,
until finally, he was dismayed.

Then along came Neve, the kindly elf,
whose name means "snow" in Italian.
Santa was surely grateful
and displayed his satisfaction.

Santa and Neve became close friends,
of that, I am sure.
Now this rhyme is over,
so I'll no longer be a bore.

These were super easy to make.  You can knock them out in an hour or so.

Supplies for Santa:
White pipe cleaners
Red felt
Black felt (for eyes)
Tiny black pom poms
Tiny store bought Santa hat (I got mine in a pack of 8 at Hobby Lobby)
2 sizes of Styrofoam balls

The hardest part was figuring out how long and wide to make the coat, but you guys have it easy because I've already done all the measuring for you!

I find it's easier to cut all of my pieces before I start assembling them.  It just seems to go faster.

I started out by using regular white printer paper to determine the size of the vest.  Once I had the right size, I used the template to cut out a bunch of them (I made a whole army of these for my family and friends).  Just eyeball the diagonal cuts on the sides to make his jacket v-neck.

I used the same method for the mittens.  Just free handing a design until I had the right size, then cutting out a whole slew of them.  This was definitely the hardest part because they were so tiny!  Plus you have to have four for every Santa you make.

In order to make your Santa sit up straight, cut off a little bit of the 1.5" ball so it has a flat bottom.  Make a smaller cut on the top of the ball and on one side of the 1" ball so the head will sit flush with the body.

Get out your trusty glue gun and glue the balls together!

Now, to attach the vest you already cut out.  Just wrap it around the body, gluing it at the front.  At this point, also glue the v-neck part flat onto the body.

If you notice, the top of his jacket doesn't lay flat.  Easy fix.  Just go around the top putting dabs of glue every little bit.  It doesn't have to be beautiful because we'll be covering it up anyway!

Next are his arms.  Use an xacto knife and cut little slits in his jacket where his arms should be.  Then just stick the 1.5" pieces of pipe cleaner in, making sure to get them securely into the Styrofoam ball.  No glue needed!

Now we need to add his faux fur trim.  Take your long piece of pipe cleaner and, staring at the front of the jacket, squeeze out a line of hot glue and work your way around.  Cut off the excess.

Sandwich his pipe cleaner "hands" into his mittens, making sure the thumbs are facing the right way!  Hot glue to secure.

Add his felt eyes and his pom pom buttons...

...and lastly, no Santa is complete without his hat!

Ta da! Easy Styrofoam Santa.

Now for Neve.

White pipe cleaners
Green felt
Yellow felt
Black felt (for eyes)
Tiny black pom pom
2 sizes of Styrofoam balls

Cut out your pieces as designated above, and proceed just like we did with Santa.  The only difference is Neve's scarf and hat.  His scarf is pretty easy - just wrap it around his neck and glue!

His hat is a little tricker.

Take your 3" x 0.75" piece of green felt and make a cone as shown...

Glue together and cut off the excess.

Finish him just like Santa and you have a whimsical pair.

So have you guys gotten your Christmas tree up yet?  The inside of our house is fully decorated, but the outside... not so much.  We still have to get the wreaths up on our windows and our porch trees out.  This season is already going by way too fast.  Sigh.

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  1. There sooo cute, love the story, they would look good sitting around my little tree !!!

  2. Absolutely beautiful.. Looks really awesome and I LOVE the tutorial. : )) I would LOVE if you could please stop in and linky this terrific feature via my Pin’Inspirational Party happening today pweease… .. THANK YOU SO MUCH.. Wishing you an incredible start to your weekend.. Sincerely ~ M

  3. Well those are about the cutest little things ever! thanks for linking up!