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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The voting is open for the Styrofoam challenge over on One Month to Win It!  Please hop on over and vote for your fave!

Steven and I went to the Southern Christmas Show on Sunday.  We try to go every year because it's so fun to just walk around and see everything.

There were tons of places with Appalachian State memorabilia, but when we came across this hand-carved marble ornament with the vintage Yosef, we just couldn't resist.

I also found this pointillism print of Varsity Gym with the bell tower in the back.  The booth that had these had quite a few other ones that showed more of the campus, but something about this one just drew me in.  I think it's the graphic nature of it, with the dark lamp post in the foreground contrasting with the white sky.  Now I just have to find the perfect frame and somewhere to hang it.

I've decided to do one of our trees in all white this year, so I focused on finding some unique white ornaments.

I love this white snowflake with silver accents (it was reflecting my yellow shirt)...

...and this glittery pinecone.  Both were $4.

We also bought a few gifts and a huge black and yellow-clad Santa Claus.  I just spelled it "Clause" because we were watching The Santa Clause last night... does anyone else get confused with the spelling of Claus because of that movie?

Do you love going to Christmas shows as much as we do?

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