2011 Christmas Card

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The cards have been sent and received, so now I can share them with you.

I went simple this year.  I normally go all out and make 30+ cards by hand, but not this year.  Nosirreebob.  We took a photo out by the lake, I added some Photoshop magic, then printed them as 5 x 7s at Sam's Club.  Stuffed them in envelopes (the most expensive part of the whole equation), chucked them in the mail and called it done.  Why don't I do this every year?  I think I'm starting a new tradition.  Ha, who am I kidding?  Come next October, I'll be trolling Pinterest for ideas and BAM, I'll be at my dining room table crafting each card by hand.  

Merry Christmas my dear bloggy friends!

See our 2010 Christmas card here.

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  1. Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!
    Cute picture, loved that you added snowflakes !!!

  2. Very cute! I am hopping over from the card blog hop.

  3. Super cute! Love it!! And thanks for linking up!

  4. very cute! i really love what you did last year as well. great job!