Christmas Trees!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thursday already?  Sheesh.  I'm telling' ya, these weeks leading up to Christmas are just FLYING by.  I'd better get on the ball.  Is anyone else as behind as I am on my wrapping?

I had the pleasure of decorating two trees this year!  (Actually three if you count my table top rustic tree, which I failed to take pictures of.)

We always get a real one for our living room.  Our tree this year is massive.  Seriously, remind me not to get a tree this large next year.  Stringing the lights was pure torture.

But it turned out alright in the end.  See for yourself.

Ignore those cords peeking out from under the tree skirt.  I haven't found a good way to conceal them yet.  This is what I call our sentimental tree.  All the ornaments that are special to us go on this tree, as well as the red and gold balls that we bought for our first Christmas together.

These balls are my favorites.  Aren't they pretty?

We also have a 6' artificial tree that we bought when we lived in Ohio (and couldn't have a real tree in our town home).  I decided very early on this year that this tree would be adorned in white and silver.  Something about white is just speaking to me lately and since I had to buy more ornaments for this tree anyway, I decided to go with a completely different look than I'm used to (our other ornaments are all red and gold).  I absolutely love the way it turned out.

White and silver ribbon, white balls, silver balls, and floral picks (which make up the tree topper) all purchased at good ol' HobLob.  Joy to the World sign picked up at The Christmas Place the last time we were in Pigeon Forge.

This little guy sparked the whole white and silver theme.  I just LOVE him.

I placed this translucent snowflake pick in front of a bulb so it looks like it's lit from within.  I just stuck those glittery picks in willy-nilly.  Such a cute, easy tree topper.

Remember when I bought this snowflake ornament?

And this pinecone?

I love having two trees this year.  Not only because I get to enjoy one wherever I am in the house, but also because I get the best of both worlds... one tree for all those meaningful ornaments, and another for the pure beauty of it.


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