My 2011 Christmas List

Friday, December 2, 2011

It's Friday!  Woot woot!  Is it just me or has this week gone by super fast?  It seems like it was just Monday and now it's Friday!  Whew!

I have absolutely no problem thinking of things I want.  Steven, on the other hand, takes days to think of one little item he might want.  I think women are just easier to buy for... we have more options.  Am I right ladies?

Anywho, I thought I would share with you guys my 2011 Christmas wish list.  I started making this list back in oh... August.  Do any of you do that, or am I just materialistic?  I'm really not, though, I just know what I want.

First up, Penguin Classics.

I found 5 of them at TJ Maxx a couple months ago for $12.99 each (regularly $20!) so I had to snatch them up.  Now I'm starting a collection.  I was actually at TJ Maxx on Tuesday and saw 2 more that I didn't have (including A Christmas Carol!) and promptly texted my mom.  Hey, I'm just trying to save her some money!

Next, the first three Harry Potter books in hardcover.  I only have them in paper back and as soon as I get a proper bookshelf, I want to have them all lined up in hardcover.

Steven keeps asking me what I want him to get me and I keep telling him a shopping trip to IKEA.  He thinks I'm joking, but I'm not.  I want to take the money he would have spent on a Christmas gift and spend it on some desperately needed organization for my craft room.  Do you know how happy that would make me?!  Well, I'll tell you.  Super happy.

I don't know... maybe 20 magazine files.

Some bins.

A picture ledge or two (to hold my glitter and punches!!)

Some shelves.

Of course, decorative accessories like this vase...

...and this candlestick holder.

I'm sure I can find a lot more stuff while I'm there too.  I'm getting giddy just thinking about it!  Oh how I love organization.

Next on my list is a fully customizable North Carolina pillow.  Sadly, it's not listed on their site right now (A note in the header says it will be back Monday, but I'm too impatient to postpone this post until then!)  It's like this Texas pillow.  I want it in mustard yellow with a heart over Hickory.  ADORABLE!!

I have a thing for yellow right now.  Not sure why, but this mug cozy just begs to be mine.

Continuing the yellow theme, I must have this pouf.

I desperately need some new pajama pants.  Steven would disagree, but he just doesn't understand.  I don't like any of the ones I have anymore.  I promise to get rid of those I no longer wear!  Pinky swear.

I must have a new sewing machine.  Mine was $40 three years ago, and I now realize why it was $40.  It's crap.  For the longest time, I thought it was me.  I was just incapable of learning how to sew!  Then my friend Crystal brought hers over one day and I actually sewed.  And it was easy.  If I get a new machine, hopefully I can start sewing all sorts of cool things!  I think I've settled on this one.  Although I really don't know how to choose a sewing machine.  I just weighed the reviews with the price point and the Singer Fashion Mate won.

Last, but not least, a Shark Steam Pocket Mop!  This will probably be a birthday gift (my b-day is only 10 days after Christmas, after all) because hey, have you seen my Christmas list?!  This would just make cleaning our hardwoods so.much.easier.  Must have it.

Okay, I hope that wasn't too much materialism for one day.  There are actually some other things on my list that I didn't include (oh the horror!) like a magazine basket for my current magazines.  Right now, they collect on the stairs, which is not only unsightly, but a hazard.  And a rain jacket (mine is ugly and I saw a pretty pink one at Dick's!).  And a new 12 x 12 cutting mat (mine is only 9 x 12 - far too small).  Okay, I'm stopping.

Oh! And Taylor Swift's perfume, Wonderstruck.

It's heavenly.

Okay, I'm really done now.

What are you asking for this Christmas?

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  1. I think I know what to get you for your birthday now!