Operation Craft Room: New Sofa!

Friday, January 20, 2012

I've been trolling Craigslist for a while, just waiting for the perfect sofa to come on the market.  Preferably from IKEA, so that the slipcover could be changed.  Well whadya know, but last week, I was on the Charlotte Craigslist and lo and behold, the perfect sofa!

Pardon the crappy Craigslist pictures.

They were asking $120 for it, so I promptly e-mailed the guy and asked him if he would take $100. He agreed!  So last Saturday, we borrowed my mom's big Dodge truck and headed down to Huntersville (a little over an hour south of here) to pick it up.  When we got there, it looked like it was in good shape, except the slipcover was ripped in a couple places.  But no bother, because we were heading to IKEA right after to pick up a new one.  We paid the guy, got a new slipcover (Blekinge White)  and headed home where I spent the next hour and a half wrestling it on.  It really wasn't that bad, just a little time consuming trying to get it just right.

And here it is!

Oh yeah, did I mention I bought the slipcover with a gift card I got for my birthday?  So the cover only cost me $20!!

Total price for a brand new (to me) IKEA Karlstad Sofa: $120! (Retail price = $450)

Don't you just love a good deal? #iheartcraigslist

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  1. Ohh awesome score! I can't wait until we can get a giant Karlstad sectional for our living room.