Owl Calendar

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy Tuesday!  I have my first Beginning Sewing class tonight (at the local community college) and I'm pretty excited about it.  Hopefully I'll be making all my own clothes by the end of the 7 weeks!  Okay okay, really I'm just hoping to get some general knowledge so that I'm more comfortable with my new sewing machine that I got for Christmas.  In any case, I can't wait!

Have you heard of My Owl Barn?  It's this awesome site that lets you create your own owl calendar by choosing owl-themed designs from numerous artists.  I remember coming across it last year and even created a calendar but I never printed it, so obviously it did me no good.  When I came across it again on Pinterest this year, I just knew I had to make use of it.  I printed my calendar onto card stock (it prints 4-up, err... four months on one piece of paper, for those of you not in the printing biz), cut out the months with my handy dandy rotary paper cutter (love that thing), and strung them onto yarn with mini clothespins.  So easy (after I got my printer to work... darn thing)!

Finding a location to hang my loverly owl calendar was easy - my cork board, of course!

I'm especially fond of this colorful guy.

I love cute, cheap projects like this, don't you?