The Abs Diet

Monday, January 30, 2012

Good Monday Morning!  I've been fighting a head cold all weekend, and while I'm definitely not 100%, I can at least breathe out of my nose.  Hallelujah!

Have you heard of the Abs Diet?  If not, here's a summary of what it is as explained on their Web site:

Simply put, The Abs Diet is a scientifically proven food plan that turns on your metabolic fat furnaces and puts the resulting energy to work building muscle. Within 2 weeks, you'll lose up to 12 pounds of fat — from your belly first! From there, you'll convert fat to muscle with a sensible exercise (30 minutes three times a week) and eating (six meals a day!) plan that will give you your best physique and keep you at optimal health for life. This is a diet plan anyone can stick to: The portions are man-sized, the instructions are simple, and the results will be food that any man (or woman) would love!

Steven and I are officially on the Abs Diet starting today.  We chose it because we already had the book (Steven bought it years ago), and figured it looked easy enough to follow.  Basically, it's a low-fat diet that doesn't tell you what not to eat, but what to eat:  lean meats, low-fat dairy, whole wheat, and lots of fresh fruits and veggies.  Steven's goal is to lose 15 pounds, while my goal is really just to develop better eating habits and maybe a little muscle definition.

We're looking forward to seeing if this plan actually works for us.  Neither of us has ever really "dieted" before, but I don't really look at this plan as a diet.  It's more of just learning a better way to eat.

So what do you think?  Have you ever been on a "diet" before?

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