How I Store My Nail Polish and a Fun Mani

Monday, February 13, 2012

I never really set out to organize something.  It always just strikes unexpectedly.  It's like I'll look at something a million times, and then one day something snaps and I have to fix it right then.  Such was the case with my nail polishes the other day.  I keep them in a Tupperware Stores-a-lot box under my bathroom vanity where they inevitably end up looking like this:

Ahh, disaster!

Oh, and apparently I have five pairs of nail clippers.  Why, I ask you, whyyy?

I started by taking all the bottles out of the box and separating them into keep...

...and trash.

I put all the keep ones back into the box where they now happily reside in neat rows!

Of course, while I had my polish out, I had to give myself a mani.

I'll call it Stripes R Us.

I found a package of 5 Art Deco polishes at TJ Maxx the other night, as well as a pack of 4 of these mini Essies.  I hit the nail polish motherlode!  There's definitely a learning curve when using the Art Deco polish (the brush comes down to a point so you can paint on designs), but it's so fun!

How do you store your nail polish?  Have you done any fun manicures lately?

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  1. Completely and totally love your mani! I am stealing your idea. Off to TJ Maxx I go.