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Friday, February 10, 2012

Hello hello lovelies!  I guess it's unofficial beauty week here at 2027, because I'm back with my make-up routine.  The other day when I was filming the uber-exciting flat iron video, I figured I might as well keep on filming while I did my make-up.  Again, I'm no pro, and this is my typical everyday routine, not what I do when I have a little more time to spend.  I get up in the mornings between 6:25 and 6:35 and have to shower, dress, do my hair and make-up and leave by 7:05.  So yeah, I don't give myself a lot of time in the mornings as I prefer sleep over a beautifully made-up face.

Here, watch the video then I'll talk a little more about the products I use.

Okay, now I know you all are just dying to see my make-up bag, so here ya go.

I used to keep all of my make-up in a drawer but that just wasn't working for me anymore.  I never thought I'd be a make-up bag kind of person because there's not much organization, but I love it.   Keeping my make-up in a bag has turned out to be very convenient because on those mornings where I'm running later than usual, I can just grab the bag and do my make-up at work.  I chose this bag because it has little slots for my brushes so at least I don't have to dig around in a big bag for those.  Bag came from Target, of course!  You can't see the outside but it's the same print as the edging on the clear plastic piece covering my brushes.

Now for more details on the products I used in the video.

1.  Revlon ColorStay for Combination/Oily Skin.  I just recently switched from CoverGirl AquaSmooth (which I have used for years) because it just wasn't providing the shine control I need.  My face gets mighty shiny as the day wears on and AquaSmooth is definitely not the product to control it.  I loved how smoothly it went on and the excellent coverage it provided, but a change had to be made.  After doing my research on Makeup Alley, I decided to give this Revlon foundation a try.  I've gotten a few compliments on it, and I have to say, I'm loving it so far!  I've only used it for a week and it does take a little longer to apply than my old CG did, but it stays on all day and I don't feel like I have to put powder on every hour.  It really looks as good at the end of the day as it does in the morning, which for me, is a big deal.

2.  Stila Eyeshadow.  I bought this compact and eyeshadows (sold separately so each space in the compact is refillable) back in 2007 and nothing has quite lived up to them since then.  I have quite a few eyeshadows that aren't Stila and they're fine, but I just love the way the Stilas apply and the concentrated color they provide.  I think I have six colors total, but only four fit in this compact.

Twig is my most fave.

3.  Maybelline One-by-One Mascara.  I'm honestly not that impressed with this mascara, but I can't justify getting something else until this one runs out.  I buy something different every time, although I usually stick with Maybelline.  I always go for volume over length.

4.  Sonia Kashuk Eyelash Curler (Target).  Do you guys curl your eyelashes?  I think they stand out so much more when they're curled a little bit.  Squeeze once at the base and once at the tips and you're good to go.  Oh, and please please please curl your lashes before you apply mascara.  If you don't, all that mascara you just put on will end up on your eyelash curler - what a waste!  I curl mine before I put any eye make-up on, especially liner.

5.  CoverGirl Eyeshadow (white).  I use this white shadow to highlight my bro bone and the inner corners of my eyes.

6.  CoverGirl Clean Powder.  Love it.

7.  CoverGirl Blush.  I have two different blushes I alternate between.  If I want something more subtle, I use this peachy color.  If I want it to stand out more, I have a brighter pink color.

8.  Rimmel Eyeliner (purple).  I actually don't use this purple liner that often, but I like how it defines my eyes without being so harsh.  I use black at night, and will do navy or brown during the day.  I also like CoverGirl's liners.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, I normally don't wear anything but chapstick on my lips.  Lip gloss/stick is just too much to keep up with during the day.  I put it on if I'm going out at night or to somewhere special, but other than that, I don't bother.

As you can see, I use mostly drug store make-up.  The only splurge I make in the make-up department is eyeshadow.  With Stila at $18 a piece and my most recent purchase of Make Up Forever Aqua Cream in Anthracite (a pretty smoky black) for $22, I would rather splurge on something that makes the most impact.  Plus, I can definitely tell a difference between drug store eyeshadow and the good stuff.

Of course, before I put any make-up on at all, I moisturize with Oil of Olay for combination/oily skin.  I have also tried primers and shine control serums, but they just make my face feel too sticky and make it a major chore to get my foundation smooth.

How long does it take you to do your make-up?  Are you of the 5-minute face variety or do you take your time?

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  1. Love Stila! I have a gigantic palette from Stila. Also, what happened to Great Lash?! It never worked for me due to my puny Asian lashes but always looked good on you.