Bare Chest

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Did I get your attention with that title?  What I mean is, bare chest... of drawers.  :)

We have this chest of drawers (or "chester drawers" as I always thought growing up... hey, I live in the south!) and I've been kind of stumped as to what to put on the top.  I felt like it needed to have some height so my short 5' self could actually see it, but I didn't want to throw just anything up there.

b-t-dubs, I don't make my bed for you or anybody! :) those pillows live right there 5-6 days a week (I usually try to make the bed on the weekend)

Anywho, I walked in the bathroom yesterday and just randomly thought "hey, those blue/green glass vessels will look perfect on the chest of drawers!"  I picked them up on super clearance at HobLob a couple years ago, and they have sat around my tub ever since.

So, I threw them up there, along with a basket I had lying around, and voila!

I like it.  This chest is the first thing you see when you walk in the door to our bedroom, and I find my eye drawn upward every time I come in the room.  Having something tall up there really makes our ceiling seem higher.  But now I'm left with a blah tub surround.  Hmm, I'll figure something out. :)

Have a fantastic day!  Come back tomorrow for another fun manicure (yes, this will be the third Friday in a row I've had a mani post for you guys... I'm thinking it's becoming tradition!)


  1. TOO FUNNY, I thought of "Chester Drawers" when I was reading! Hubs and I are in serious need on one of these! It looks great!

  2. Nice! When Scott was working at Big Lots the first time around in college, one of his co-workers wrote down "Chester Drawers" on a order sheet! You are not alone!