DIY Herringbone Art: A Pinterest Challenge

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Last week, Sherry at Young House Love, along with Erin at The Great Indoors, Katie at Bower Power, and Cassie at Hi Sugarplum (one of my first blog crushes fyi - I felt so proud when I saw Cassie's photo amongst the hosts this time 'round. Is that weird? I hope not - so proud of you Cassie!), issued The Pinterest Challenge: Winter Edition.  Yes, unfortunately it is still winter, although with temps in the 70s this week, it's feeling an awful lot like spring!

I repinned this artwork, from Sherry actually, about 6 weeks ago:

You can buy the original print here from Cozamia.  Isn't it gorgeous?

What really struck me about this print was the graphic herringbone pattern.  I knew I could create something similar and my first thought was... magazines!  They have full page colorful ads and maybe I could achieve just a tiny bit of the awesomeness the above print has.

I started by taking a blank 16 x 20 canvas off of my gallery wall, and grabbing two magazines.  I would never cut up my Marthas, but I was a little late renewing my subscription this time so I had to go out and buy the February and March issues thinking that I wouldn't get them in the mail, when lo and behold they both showed up in my mailbox last week.  So I had duplicates.  Maybe you're not a crazy magazine hoarder saver like I am and have no problem cutting up your Marthas.  In that case, you're in luck!

If you have a rotary paper cutter, the next task will be 100x easier.  I tore out the most colorful pages I could find and cut 4" x 1" strips.  Do yourself a favor and stack as many sheets as your little cutter will cut through.  I got about 20 strips out of each sheet.  Cut 4 or 5 sheets, just for color variation.

It's really not as bad as it seems.  I had a stack this big in less than 20 minutes.

Being as anal particular as I am, I wanted my herringbones to be perfect.  Well, they're not going to be.  I put a strip of masking tape across my canvas and lined up my first row with it, but then just eyeballed it after that.  Wayyy easier than trying to get it perfect.  Close enough is good enough.

Now, the next part got a little tricky.  I started by Mod Podgeing my strips to the canvas, but quickly realized that would take foreva, not to mention the MP was making my strips wrinkly.  I switched to hot glue.  Word to the wise though - put hot glue on each end and in the middle of the strips.  Trust me.

See how those strips at the left are sorta wrinkly?  Not cool.  Again, use hot glue.

After all the strips were glued down, I went back over it with Mod Podge to seal it all in.  My advice?  Skip that step.  Totally not necessary as it made my strips all wrinkly (darn those wrinkles!) and didn't add any value.  So, after about an hour and a half, I had this!

I hung it back on my gallery wall.

Now I've got a whole lotta chevron going on.

And I love it.

Now what to do with those other 14 blank canvases?  Oh, and for those visiting for the first time (welcome!), this wall is a total work in progress.  I hung all the frames and canvases I had and I am slowly but surely filling them all.  Check out my progress herehere, and here, and for the deets on the rest of my craft room makeover, click here.

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  1. This looks great! I love the color combo!!

  2. There are quite a few takes on this artwork in the Pinterest Challenge, but yours is definitely the most unique. I never would have thought to use strips of magazine pages to create the herringbone artwork - very creative and cool! And your gallery wall is coming along nicely (just read your first post about it). You'll have all the rest of the frames and canvases filled in no time!


  3. What a great idea to use the magazine clips. I used the same art for as my inspiration but used paper that I had painted with watercolors.
    It is fun to see how one piece of inspiration can be remade with so many different ways.

  4. Hi Jenna! Saw your post on House of Hepworth's linky party and had to stop by for a better look and say hello! So glad I found your blog - i am your newest follower. Wow - love your DIY artpiece!! I have a few canvases I bought at Goodwill and spraypainted them white with Zinsser primer, just waiting for me to do something with you have inspired me to try this!! It looks so great and I love your gallery wall too. Please visit my blog and say hello sometime - I love to make new bloggy friends!! Follow me back if you would like to keep in touch :) have a wonderful week!
    Heather @

  5. that looks absolutely terrific!!! i (like everyone!) also pinned the cozamia herringbone art. i love your idea of using pages from magazines! there are so many pretty scenes and colors to choose from...great job!

  6. This is amazing. I hate that Mod Podge leaves wrinkles behind. Your gallery wall is awesome. I can't wait to see what you'll come up with next to add to it. Thanks for sharing at Whimsy Wednesdays at The NY Melrose Family.

  7. Love it! Pinned it! I'm your newest follower. I would be thrilled if you could drop by Moose Mouse Creations and visit me too!

  8. Beyond gorgeous! Great job!!!! And I have a crush on Cassie too! Haa!!

  9. I love your take on this! I love that you've filled your wall with blank canvases, so you can add art as you go. I find myself not hanging things because the whole composition isn't done yet... this is a great way to get it done. New follower, too!

  10. It looks great! Using magazines was such a good idea! And I'm so glad I didn't use Mod Podge on mine...I was totally planning on it too! Thanks for letting me know about your project - it's been interesting see all the different projects from this one pin!

  11. It looks fantastic! I bet that took some time to complete though! lol
    Thanks for linking up to last week's Catch a Glimpse party! I will be featuring this tomorrow!

  12. Beautiful! I wonder if you could do it by painting pieces of posterboard or paper to your liking, then cutting those up instead of magazine pages? Will definitely try this!