Laundry Closet: The Details, or Why I Will Never Use Olympic Paint Ever Again

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Yesterday, you guys saw my new black and yellow laundry closet!  Today, I thought I would share the details on how the project came together.

First things first, you may have noticed that there was only one before photo and zero in progress photos.  Would you like to know why?  So would I.  I had them on my camera, went to load them not even two hours later and they were gone.  G-o-n-e.  I have no explanation.  Total bummer.

Here's the before photo again.  No organization.  Tan.  Boring.

And the after!  Seeing as how this closet is in a hallway, it's nearly impossible to get a decent straight-on photo of it, so I apologize for the close-up-edness.

I used the Casablanca Allover Stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils, which I won in a giveaway back in 2010.  Yes, 2010.  I painted over the tan (same color as in the hallway which you can catch a peek of below) with a semi-gloss white Olympic paint.  I will never buy Olympic paint ever again.  The coverage was absolutely horrible.  I was going from tan to white and it took three coats.  Ridonkulous.  Moving on... I used a quart of Valspar in a satin black for the actual stencil.  Valspar = the bomb.

I know stenciling is all the rage right now, but I'll tell you what... it's hard.  That black and white wall looks fab from far away, but up close it's a different story.  There's bleedage everywhere and it's just not pretty.  It would have been tons easier if I was able to take out all the hardware from the shelf, but since it was going back up, I had to leave it and try to stencil around each little clip and support.  Thank goodness I cared more about getting it done than it being perfect!

You may be wondering how I got behind the washer and dryer to paint.  Want in on a little secret?  I didn't.  I painted down as far as the eye could see, and left the rest.  No one will be the wiser.  That is, until we decide to sell our house and potential buyers wonder why the laundry closet is half-tan. 

You can catch a peek of my epic quatrefoil mirror redo above.  I love how it jives with my new laundry closet!  By the way, I feel weird every time I type laundry closet, but that's what it is.  It's a closet, not a room.  I'm jealous of all of you who have actual laundry rooms.  Oh the luxury that must be.  However, the good thing about only having a closet is that I can't let laundry pile up because there's simply nowhere to put it.

I got the laundry sign at Hobby Lobby for $5.  It was black, but I quickly sprayed it yellow.  Oh yeah, Valspar spray paint = the bomb too.  

The yellow trash can came from Target ages ago (I think I saw them on clearance recently, though).  It was $10.  I cut the "Lint" vinyl with my Cricut.  The laundry bag has a yellow and white quatrefoil design (see a trend here?) and was the inspiration for the whole makeover!  I found it at TJ Maxx for $5 back in 2010.  If you stick around 2027 long enough, you'll realize that nothing happens quickly around here.  It's a sickness.  The laundry bag holds our dry cleaning until it's time to take it to the cleaners.

These black bins came from Target as well and hold all the ugly stuff... Shout, Febreze, bleach, etc.  The big ones were $10 each, the small one was $6.

This glass pitcher, which holds my detergent, and the silver tray both came from Target and were $6 and $15, respectively.  I almost love this tray too much to banish it to a closet, but I like that my dryer sheets now have a home outside of the ugly Bounce box.

I have seasonal rugs, do you?  Those that I'm not currently using are hung on pants hangers in here.  It works marvelously.  Oh, and I totally put that yellow rug in the front so it would match. :)

Cost breakdown:

Paint:  $32
Stencil:  FREE (retails for $40)
Laundry sign:  $5
Detergent pitcher:  $6
Silver tray:  $15
Black bins:  $26
Trash can:  $10
Laundry bag:  $5
Pants hangers (for rugs):  $5
TOTAL:  $104

Time spent:  15 hours

Happiness achieved.

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  1. Gorgeous! Such a huge difference and so sleek/classy! Even laundry rooms need pizzazz!

  2. LOVE the colors! I'm a weirdo who likes to do laundry anyway but I'd be so much happier doing it in a space like this! And I love the little "lint" jar...way cutes than the empty tissue boxes I save to throw mine in. :)

  3. So very cute!! I've been meaning to do something behind my machines ... this may just be the inspiration!! So, so cute! I love! Thanks for sharing at TT&J ... visiting from there!! (PS ... love your time frames ... mine run a pretty close second to yours! ;)
    ~ Christy

  4. This is absolutely gorgeous!!! Your laundry room looks so similar to mine with the wire shelving...I am totally inspired to give mine a makeover! It's so blah...who wouldn't mind doing laundry when you can look at this! Great job! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Love your makeover! I posted my Laundry room too! It's so amazing what a how much time we spend in our laundry rooms isn't it> Great job!

  6. I have a laundry closet too! And you are so right - laundry has to happen every day as there isn't anywhere to put it! Your room looks really great and I love the black/white/yellow scheme!

  7. Everything about this space is so fun and fresh now! I love the stencil and all the accessories, but I think my favourite thing (and the reason I clicked over from the Tatertots & Jello features) is the labeled Lint garbage can! There's just something about labeling mundane items that makes them much more cute and fun.

  8. This is so awesome! I love it. I have been wanting to bust out a stencil but just haven't gotten up the courage yet haha! I know it will be a pain - but yours looks sooo good! I'm a new follower :).

  9. I think it's greatness that you labeled your lint bucket. Too cute! It all looks beautiful. Great work!

  10. Loving your laundry did a great job...visiting from Craft-O-Maniac!!!!

  11. beautiful!!! Makes doing laundry not stink so bad, I'm sure!

  12. thanks so much for sharing your link!!! That looks absolutely phenomenal!!! I'd love to feature it on my blog. Let me know if that works for you: