Making A Wooden Planter Box and Bloom Banner

Thursday, March 22, 2012

On Tuesday, I showed you guys my spring mantel.

I promised to tell you a little more about the hydrangea box under the TV, as well as the bloom banner for Kate's spring crafts party today.

This isn't really a tutorial so much as it is an explanation of what we did.  We're definitely not master carpenters and didn't really know what we were doing, but I wanted a custom-sized box, dangit, no matter how long it took us novices!  I'll try to explain so maybe you can take this as a jumping off point and go make yourself something way more beautiful and perfect.  This little mess of a box is good enough for me. :) 

First things first, I measured the space under the TV where I wanted my box to go and drew a little diagram for reference.  With my paper in hand, we headed out to the garage where we had these 16" wide boards leftover from our master closet redo.  I measured and marked the cut lines with masking tape, and then Steven used his circular saw to cut them.  Unfortunately, we don't have a table saw or this would have gone a lot faster.  Sometimes there are Lowes coupons for tools, so who knows, maybe we'll get one one day!

Originally, I had just planned on doing butt joints, but I didn't want to see the edge of the wood, or screw into the front of my boxes, so we decided mitering the corners would be our best bet.  This is the first time we've ever used a miter saw (although somehow we do have one... I think it's my father-in-law's).  It definitely took some trial and error, thus my box isn't as wide as I originally planned.  It's okay, though, we've (sort of) learned a new skill!

We glued the ends on, then reinforced them with screws.  Yes, you can see the screws on the sides of the box, but do I care?  Nope!  I think it makes it look more rustic. :)

You'll notice in the above photo that some of the corners didn't line up exactly, but that's okay, you'll never see that once the flowers are in.

Now it's time to stain!  I set the box on some sample paint cans I had...

Oh, as you can see, we decided to go the lazy route and not put a bottom on the thing.  Too much work for something that's not completely necessary.  :)

I picked up some Special Walnut stain at Lowes, brushed it on with a foam craft brush, wiped off the excess with an old t-shirt, and it was dry in about 3 minutes.  Staining is really fun, actually.  Maybe I'll find some more things to stain around here...

Okay, now onto the fun part!  You wouldn't believe my luck, but the floral foam I got at HobLob was almost the exact width and height of my box.  I love happy accidents!  I just stuck it in there, cut my faux hydrangeas off their stems, plopped them in and filled in the extra space with the leaves off the hydrangea stems and Spanish moss.  Somehow I don't have a picture of all that, but it was really easy.  I didn't glue anything (even the moss).  Don't forget that my box doesn't have a bottom, but once the hydrangeas were stuck in the floral foam, they prevented the foam from falling out of the bottom.

I love how easy this was, yet how much impact it gives my mantel.  This space under the TV was just calling out for something special, and I think this fit the bill perfectly.

Now onto the bloom banner.

Circle cutter
Cutting mat
Scrapbook paper
Die cut letters/stickers
Hot glue
Craft glue
Glitter glue for embellishing (optional, I ended up not using it)

Measure your doilies to see how big you want your paper circles to be, then cut the circles accordingly.  Attach circles with hot glue.  Attach letters in coordinating color with white craft glue.

Adhere doilies to string of choice (I used jute twine) using hot glue, and voila!

The whole banner start to finish took maybe 20 minutes, and I already had all the supplies on hand, so yay free!

There you have it.  A wooden box and a bloom banner. 

Do you guys have a TV mounted over your fireplace?  How do you decorate the space below it?

Oh, if you're visiting from the Spring Fling party, welcome!  I hope you'll look around and stay a while!  Check out my project gallery here.


  1. I love your planter box and I love that you made and cut it yourself.

    Don't worry, you will get the hang of that saw in no time! I did...and now I can't stop building! :)

  2. what a fun and crisp fresh project - really love it! would love to have ya pop over for a visit and link up for our Tuesday Linky Party if you'd like.

  3. I love your banner. I just picked up some doilies today at the thrift store and you've given me inspiration!

  4. I am visiting via Centsational Girl. I adore your project. So clever!

    Happy day, happy spring, happy happy everything!

  5. LOVE the box and the banner!! So very cute and ingenious for dealing with a TV over the mantel! :)

  6. Love it!!! I hopped over form the weekend wrap up. Beautiful.