Operation Craft Room: Black and White Artwork

Monday, March 12, 2012

Are you guys ready for another installment of Operation Craft Room?

I thought so!

On the agenda today: some black and white artwork, as well as a (work-in-progress) vignette on one of my lovely Expedits.

I had these floating frames (originally from Target) hanging downstairs in the living room before I decided to hang some plates there.  They were sitting in the office for a while until they moved up here to be part of my gallery wall.  Then I decided I didn't want any black frames over there and I didn't want to spray paint them, so they ended up here.  I like the simplicity of them, as well as the fact that they were F-R-E-E because I already had them.  Ya-to-the-hoo.

I knew I wanted to put the ASU print in the largest frame, so to coordinate with it, I did a little Photoshop action to this photo of me and my college roomies on top of the Empire State Building...

...and one of Steven's and my engagement photos.

Notice my Penguin Classics?  I've started quite a little collection.  Aren't they beautiful?

(Everything else on the Expedit came from IKEA, except the lamp - HobLob - the silver tea light holder on top of the books - Tarjay - and the crystal apple - gift.)

Are you guys tired of seeing these blue walls yet?  I hope not because I have a ton more projects to do in here.  It's slowly getting there.


  1. This is all beautiful and tasteful!

  2. Looking great! We have the black/brown Expedit in our dining room as a buffet of sorts. Love its versatility!