Operation Craft Room: The Window Wall

Friday, March 9, 2012

TGIF everybody!  I *finally* finished decorating the window wall in my craft room.  Well, it's not totally finished, but I'm calling it good for now, until I decide what I'd like to do with the curtains, whether it's add trim, or stencil them.  I don't know yet, but until I decide, I'm perfectly happy with it!

Bare with me... it's really hard to take photos of this room, much less of a window!

On the left,  my lavish lime table now holds my Cricut Imagine (Anyone want to buy it? It retailed for $400 when I got it, but I think they're running less than $200 now #whataripoff.  I want a Silhouette!)  I bought the table at a garage sale with the intent to use it as a TV table on the other side of the room, but I think it fits so much better here!  It's more narrow than the desk I had there before and just looks like it was meant for the space.  I love it.  Above the Cricut table is a large framed print of Steven and me with Mickey.  I worked some Photoshop magic (a la this tutorial) using the colors of the room and had it printed at Sam's Club (less than $8!).  I found the 18" x 22" frame at HobLob on mega-clearance (I think it was like $8) many months ago (seriously, how could I pass up a huge frame for that cheap?).  The letters that spell out my name above the print are actually those plastic letters that businesses use on their signs (Big Mac $1.99, Kids Eat Free on Tuesdays... you get the idea).  Those came from a local shop that carries all sorts of weird, repurposed things (for you locals: Warehouse 2120).  I wasn't quite sure about putting my name up on the wall (could it be considered narcissistic?  juvenile?), but I wanted those letters, dangit, and that was the first word I could think of that I could find all the letters for.  Whatevs, I like it.  They're just stuck up there with poster putty.

Last weekend, I came across some 1" strips of scrapbook paper that I had cut for another project (which didn't pan out) and thought "hey, I can make a paper chain out of those!" so that's what I did.  Stapled them together, slipped them over the rod, and called it done.  It took less than 10 minutes and I like it... until I decide to make some finger knitted garland.

Now this side is probably my favorite part of the whole room right now...

I got this clock for $20 at IKEA.  It's like an old schoolhouse clock... except it's red.   Douse anything in red and I'm guaranteed to love it.

These shelves are actually IKEA picture ledges, but I thought they would be perfect to hold my collection of glitter, as well as a red frame (with a photo of us in front of Cinderella's Castle), some Disney stickers I got at the World in '09, and another photo of us with Mickey at Animal Kingdom.

I didn't set out for this wall to have a Disney theme, but really nothing makes me happier than the old Mick-ster.

Are you guys as crazy about Disney as I am?

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  1. What a super fun space and I love all your Mickey stuff. Adds such whimsy to your room. My first trip to Disneyworld was when I was 28 and it felt just like being a kid again - love that place!

    Great job!

    -sara @ applestonedrive.blogspot.com

  2. I really love your craft room! It is so bright, fun & cheery! Great job!