Our New West Elm Duvet

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Remember The Great Duvet Search from December?  Well, I finally pulled the trigger and ordered the Square Tuck Duvet (in white) from West Elm.

The shams are on backorder until mid-March, but I went ahead and put the duvet on the bed.

I know you're jealous of my lampshades which are still sporting their plastic packaging.  I can't decide if I like them or not.  I think I need larger scale lamps, but I haven't found anything I like that's within my budget.  Oh, and I didn't stage this picture (obvs).  WYSIWYG... remote control, ugly black fan and all.

Here's how it looked before, to refresh your memory.

I know it doesn't look like that big of a change, but you would be amazed how much brighter the room looks just from going from an ivory comforter to a white duvet.

I had to get some new sheets as well, since all the sheets we had were off-white.

When I talked about this duvet in December, I was excited at the prospect that I would never have to iron it.  Well, truth be told, I did have to iron it when I took it out of the packaging but I knew perfection couldn't be achieved so I just lightly ran my iron all over it and tried to get most of the wrinkles out.  It worked like a charm.

Any advice on the lamps?  Should they stay or should they go?


  1. Love the duvet! I think the lamps do need to be a smidge bigger :)

  2. Great duvet! I think you should nix the lamps all together and either do hanging lights on either side OR do wall mounted lamps. I'm in the same delima right now with lighting PLUS since we don't have nice matching furniture like you do (our bedside tables are different heights) I'm really struggling! Love the blog! Found you through Tatertots and jello. :)