Sewing Class: A Recap

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hi Guys!  If you remember a couple months ago, I told you I signed up for a sewing class.  The class met for 3 hours every Tuesday for 6 weeks.  Our last class was this week, so I thought I'd share all the fun projects I completed!

For all of you sewing aficionados out there, please don't judge my seams.  I still can't sew straight, but I'm trying!

First project:  Needle case

See that red thread peeking out from the right side?  Whoops!

The outside fabric is actually from West Elm, leftover at one of the furniture factories around here.  In fact, all of the fabric I used for the whole class was leftover upholstery fabric our instructor had received for free, with the exception of the apron fabric, which I found as a remnant at HobLob so it was a steal.

#2:  Pin Cushion with trash bag for spare threads

The fabric was terrible to work with.  It was so stringy that it kept unraveling before I could sew a seam!

#3:  Farmer's Market Tote

This tote took the longest of any project (2 whole class sessions, I think), but I am the most proud of it!  If I don't look too closely...

#4:  Apron

This apron was so incredibly easy!  We sewed it as we would a curtain (i.e. sewed two seams and slid the ribbon in between where a rod would go on a curtain).

I'm in love with this fabric.

So that's what I accomplished in sewing class.  I still have a ton to learn (mostly how to sew straight), but I feel my confidence building!  After all, what's the worst that can happen?  I sew a bad seam and I have to rip it out.  Big whoop.  I'm not skeered anymore!

I picked up 4 patterns at Hobby Lobby yesterday for 99 cents each (yay sales!), so maybe you'll see a little more sewing out of me.


  1. The apron is my favorite. I love that it's simple enough to put together as a last minute gift too! Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  2. Great job!!! I would LOVE to take a sewing class someday! :)


  3. Great work! That apron is precious and I have that fabric on one of my bulletin boards in my classroom! Great choice! I awarded you the Lovely Blogger award! Go check it out! :) Have a great week!