Spring Sprucing

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Last weekend, Steven and I finally got the opportunity to bring some spring into our yard.  Our flower beds start looking very depressing over the winter, so we always plant some annuals and throw out a few bags of mulch once spring rolls around.

Here is what it looked like over the winter...

Oh, and did you know that even though flowers aren't flourishing in the colder months, weeds are?

We can't forget my empty urns on the front stoop.

And now after I planted some impatiens!

Impatiens were the only shade-loving plant I could find at Lowes, and since this stoop rarely sees sunlight (one corner gets a couple hours in the morning), I needed something that would flourish in the shade.

Hopefully they will get bigger and really fill out the urns.

As for the flower beds, petunias are always our flower of choice because they get huge and it's really hard for us to kill them.  This year, we went with purple and red.

Nothing makes as big an impact as brand new mulch.  We got the same kind we normally get (Pine Bark Mini Nuggets), but the nuggets this year were a lot larger than they usually are.  I think it still looks great, though.

Stay tuned for Spring Sprucing Volume 2, where we plant hydrangeas and peonies (so excited!)

Have you done any spring sprucing yet?


  1. You have such a lovely home! I love spring and getting outside to garden. :) I had peonies growing at my old house and adored them. Can't wait to see yours!

  2. Gorgeous! We planted impatiens in our flower beds because we have a h-u-g-e tree in our front yard that barely allows sunlight. We also planted a green plant... not sure of the name. Your home and yard are both gorgeous!

  3. I love the flowers in the urns! I need to first get myself some urns, then I can add some flowers to them:)


  4. Very nice! I've been working on our flower beds for the last week or so. What a job this year! But now that I'm on year three, so much of my perennials are getting bigger!

  5. Looks so nice! You're way ahead of us - so far we've done a fantastic job allowing our weeds to overtake the yard, and also not planting things in our flower bed. How did spring get here so fast?