3 Long Lost Pinterest Projects

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

If you follow me on Facebook, then you know I was incredibly distraught last week when my camera decided to erase all the photos on my SD card.  No, I don't back them up on my computer right away.  I typically leave all photos for one blog post on there until it's time to write the post so I don't transfer the photos and then forget about it (that's been known to happen).

Well, today is the day where you get to see the finished products, but not the long-lost "during" photos.  Therefore there's no step-by-step, no funny photo of me with a 12 foot long piece of fabric around my neck, no photos of me ironing on the Pellon 808 fusible interfacing (which was so fun btw).  It's a sad day, indeed.

I'll call this post:  Pinterest Projects That Previously Provided Pleasant Periods of Painstaking Production

Hey, I do the best I can with the Ps I'm given.

First up, the Bow Clutch, as pinned here:

And my version...

The gray chevron with the yellow lining is kinda cute, right?

It only took a few hours, start to finish.  I'm seriously thinking about whipping up a few more in different colors.  It was so fun!

Secondly, the Anthro Akela knock-off necklace, as seen here:

And my version, in navy blue...

Basically, sew a big long tube, insert beads, tie knots, sew on some fabric circles, and voila!

Thirdly, the Pom Pom Bib necklace, as seen here:

And my version, using Steven's old t-shirts that were in the rag pile in the basement:

This was my second attempt at this necklace, and I'm still not totally crazy about it.  I think I need even smaller circles.  I do love the look of it on the chain, though!

So that's it.  A few "after" photos with no "befores."  Hope you found this as thrilling as I did.



  1. I love the necklaces! I remember coming across all three of those projects on Pinterest since I first joined.

  2. Your projects look amazing...I love your handbag!

  3. I love all of them. The liner inside the clutch is perfect. Thanks so much for sharing at Whimsy Wednesdays.