We are now officially Coke fanatics...

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

On Saturday, Steven and I went on an all-day road trip/mission with a couple friends.  I told you about it in this post (oh, and another update:  my car battery just had a bad cell and needed to be replaced - hallelujah for something easy!).  After we got the awesome addition to our game room, we decided it was absolutely necessary that we go to Steven's parents' house and dig through his old playhouse to find his bin full o' Coke stuff.  I didn't even know this stuff existed and after discovering all this awesomeness hiding in his backyard, it makes me wonder what other treasures they have in there!  I knew he liked Coke stuff, but I had no idea to what extent!

When we got home, we took it all of out the bin and promptly made a huge mess.

Just to name a few of the Coke things we found:  vintage tins, Coke Monopoly, a toy truck made out of a Coke can, Coke Yahtzee, lots of old bottles (see below), two Coke Christmas village buildings (a gas station and something else which I can't remember) plus 10 or so Coke village figurines, Coke checkerboard, Coke wind chimes, Coke cookie jar, Coke crate, keychains, bottle opener, salt and pepper shakers, and probably lots more stuff that I've forgotten.  Whew!

And now... the moment you've all been waiting for...


You insert a dime where it says "Insert Coin Here" (duh), push down the lever until you hear the dime fall into the coin bucket, then open the door and take the drink of your choice!  The only glass bottles we can find (at Harris Teeter) are Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite and Root Beer (gag).  We're on the lookout for Fanta, Cheerwine and Sun-Drop (for all you non-Southerners, Cheerwine is a dark cherry soda, sort of like Cherry Coke but not really, and Sun-Drop is lemon-lime, like Mountain Dew).  For all you locals, let me know if you see 12 oz glass bottles anywhere!  

And now, for some beauty shots...

I found it only fitting that a Coke crate (one that I bought last year and the only one we have with dividers) perched on top should hold our bottle collection.

I failed to take any wide pictures of the whole room but the Coke machine is in the corner where the ASU flag and 21 sign meet in this old photo:

This purchase actually provoked some redecorating.  I had to take down the black floating shelves and patch the holes (you can see the patches in some of the photos above because they need another coat before I can paint them), and I also decided to take down the ASU flag because it's been bugging me for a while now.  Steven has a huge metal Coke sign that hung on the street lamps in Atlanta during the 1996 Olympics, so as soon as we locate it, it will probably go on the flag wall.  I don't know what will take the place of the shelves yet, but I'm enjoying how clean it feels down there for now, so I'm in no rush to find something!  I'll take some wider shots as soon as I touch up the paint.

I also took this opportunity to create some cute Coke vignettes with our newfound arsenal of Coke stuff.

Left to right, back to front:  salt and pepper shakers, napkin dispenser, toothpick dispenser, Vendo V-81D figurine (I told you he's always wanted one, but sadly this little guy was all he could afford for a while!), Vendo V-81D salt shaker, Vendo V-81A(?) figurine, bottle opener.

On the coffee table is a yellow Coke crate which I just LOOOOOVE that we found in Steven's uncle's basement (we don't need to go picking through random peoples' junk like Mike and Frank, we have enough "treasures" within our own family!), which is filled with ASU memorabilia that was previously housed on the floating shelves.

Why yes, that is a piece of the old gym floor (was it Varsity or the other one they tore down?), a scrap of turf from the field at Chattanooga, after we won our first National Championship, and a slice of goal post.  Apparently anything is worth keeping if it's ASU-related.

This cutie little container found a home on the end table. 

So, what do you think?  Did we go a little Coke crazy?  I didn't even show you guys the other vignette in the basement foyer.  Yes, there's more.  

Do you collect anything?

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  1. How awesome is that!?! My cousins are Coke fanatics too. I grew up in Atlanta, but I don't think I've had Coke in probably ten years. I don't like the taste anymore. Now Dr. Pepper is my weakness. I love that the Coke stuff mixes so nicely with your ASU stuff. :)

  2. that is awesome! i love your whole game room space! we're in the middle of a basement refinishing, and the coke machine would be great with the retro/drive in feel we're going for. wanna share??

  3. I lov hte collection! I don't have a specific collection yet, not sure what it will be once I get it... Oh, nevermind, I know what I collect, dishes! I love them and had 7 sets when I was still single and met my husband. It's only gotten worse since then:)

    Following you now!