A Basement Project: Hanging Coke Trays

Thursday, July 12, 2012

I don't show off our basement to you guys that much because nothing ever really changes down there.  You did get a rare glimpse at it a few weeks ago when we got the Coke machine, but other than that, it's been all quiet on the Western front, as far as basement projects go.  There are a few things that have been nagging me lately, though, and this blank wall was one of them.

We used to have floating shelves hanging there as seen in the right of this old pic:

But when we got the Coke machine, they blocked the view of it too much so they had to go.  (They're currently sitting on the floor of the basement bathroom waiting to be hung in there.  We'll see if we ever get around to it.)

Okay, back to the plan.  Steven had some old Coke trays that he recently found amongst all his Coke memorabilia.  I loved them in all their vintagey glory, so we picked up another one at an antiques show last week and now we had a perfect odd number to work with.  First, I laid them out on the floor to determine the layout.

Then, since trays aren't really meant to be hung on the wall and thus have no picture hanging hardware, I did what any normal person would do and picked up some Command Picture Hanging Strips.  Seriously, best invention eva.  If you've never worked with them before, let me give you a word of advice.  Take two strips and squeeze them together so they're locked in place...

...then peel off one side and attach it to whatever you're hanging.

The trays with text on the back are reproductions and the ones without are the real deal baby.

...then when you're ready to hang them, you peel off the other side and stick it exactly where you need it!

I put the strips near the top of each tray, so that when I was ready to hang them, I could put the bottom against the wall, position it, make sure it was level, then sort of rock it up so the other side of the strip stuck to the wall, then use brute force to make sure they were stuck for the long haul.  The great thing about these picture hanging strips is that if you don't get it perfectly level, you can totally adjust it - genius.

And here they are!

The one on the far left is the one we got at the antiques show last week.  We spotted this exact same tray at one vendor for *gasp* $40 AND in sub-par condition no less, so needless to say we were ecstatic when we found this one, in pristine condition, at another vendor a few minutes later for $22.  Can't beat that, I say.

Don't you love discovering things in storage that you forgot you had and then getting to put them to use?  It's like free art!

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  1. Wow your husband must really like coke lol ;-)