Meet Pearl

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Do you have a wish list?

You know, things that are always in the back of your mind, that if you come across one for a good deal, you'd snatch it up fast before anyone else could get their greedy paws on it?

Well, I finally got to check one of those items off of my list.

Meet Pearl, the gossip bench.

The gossip bench has always been one of those things that I would covet and pet lovingly anytime I saw one in an antiques store.  There are many different styles, but I love Pearl's spindly back and curvy edges.  I found her on Craigslist and originally thought I would paint her a bright color and sew a fun cushion, and I still might, but until I decide her fate, I'm enjoying her in her natural form. 

Before the age of cell phones, ladies (and gents too) would have their household telephone located on the raised portion of a gossip bench, where they would then sit while talking on it.  Can you imagine just sitting and catching up with an old friend?  No multi-tasking, no rush, just a little idle gossip.  Nowadays we prefer a short text to an actual conversation, and while texting has its place, I long for the good old days of asking neighbor Susie if she saw that hideous blouse Barbara was wearing.  That's what I imagine when I see Pearl.  Afternoons spent sitting on her, chatting to good friends.

I picked up the quatrefoil mirror for half off last week at Hobby Lobby before I even knew Pearl existed.  I walked down the mirror aisle and literally could not walk away without putting it in my cart.  I love it to pieces and once I got Pearl, I knew the mirror had to join her in this little vignette.

I  used to have this little table in this spot and while I think it's the cutest little table ever, it was simply too small for this wall.

Much better, I think.


  1. Funny how tht gossip bench fits in that nook perfectly, it's like it was made espeically for it :) I love your pearl... now you need to find a vintage telephone to sit on the table portion of it... you know... so you can fake call Susie and talk smack about Barbara.

  2. I've never heard them called " Gossip Bench "
    Love it, and I love yours - great find!

  3. Awesome! I may have to stop by Hobby Lobby today! Crossing my fingers! XO, Aimee