Operation Craft Room: Another Gallery Wall Installation

Friday, July 20, 2012

I'm [this] close to being done with the gallery wall in my craft room, people.  4 blank canvases to go.  It really has seemed never-ending, but I've enjoyed the process of adding things as I come across them and making things when I have the time/motivation.

Last week while I was off work for the 4th, I finally got around to tackling this ugly gold mirror and honey oak frame.

To protect the mirror while I attacked it with spray paint, I just taped it off with masking tape...

...then used a box cutter to trim the excess around the edges.


Then it got a coat of Rustoleum spray paint (leftover from this project).

Much more modern, don't you think?

While the mirror was drying, I gave a little ombre love to the honey oak frame and I have to say, she looks sooo much better this way!

Ahh... progress.

You may have noticed in the above pic that I added a printable to the clipboard.

Need I say more?  Found here.

While I was in the printing mood, I finally filled the two large IKEA frames that are the center of this whole crazy wall.

Photo on the left was our Christmas card pic last year, photo on the right was taken in Hawaii.  I also moved my beloved Penguin Classics to this Expedit where they take center stage, along with a wooden J bookend I found a while back at TJ Maxx.

I covered two of the small square canvases with old pattern pieces (found at a thrift store for a quarter), and added another printable to the other clipboard.

I've seen this saying floating around Pinterest but couldn't find a printable in any of my colors, so I just made my own in Photoshop.

While I was in the mood for change, I finally added some items to the shadowboxes.

I'm sure these items will change and evolve, but for now, I love looking at these happy little trinkets.

The whole shebang!

Since I moved the books to the opposite wall, this Expedit had a hole that needed to be filled.  I placed our Mickey ears on some candle holders I had lying around, then added a cutie patootie Mickey figurine found on super clearance at Urban Outfitters (down from $11 to $2.50!) in the middle.  This vignette still needs a little tweaking but I'm just happy that our Mickey ears are on display (and yes, they do have our names embroidered on the back).

I'll try to remember to take a close-up of the little Mickey because he is just ADORBS.

Speaking of Mickey, Steven and I are heading to DISNEY WORLD tonight after work.  We're hitting up Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios this weekend, then Steven has a training session he has to attend for work all next week so I'll be lounging by the pool and doing some shopping at Downtown Disney.  Can't.wait.

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  1. Your gallery wall looks fabulous! I'm stealing the idea of changeable printables on a hanging clipboard. That is so awesome! Hope you're having a blast at Disney - jealous! :)