Operation Craft Room: Curtains Complete!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

If you remember, back in March, I revealed my craft room window wall to all you lovelies.  

I mentioned in that post that I wanted to do something to the curtains but couldn't decide what, so until I did, I just hung some paper chains up there and called it done.

Well, last week, I got the ants in my pants and finally ordered some yellow pom pom trim from Sugar Pink Boutique.  I decided on pom poms because helloooo who doesn't think pom poms are adorable?!  I thought about stenciling the curtains but I have a lot of patterns going on in this room already, so I thought it best to keep it simple.

And here are my newly pom pommed curtains!

Okay, so you can't see them that well in that photo - darn window!

This one's a little better.

Sewing them on was so super easy.  I pinned the trim all the way down the first curtain, but the pins ended up being a nuisance because of the stretchiness of the trim, so I didn't pin them at all on the second one.  I just used the zipper foot on my sewing machine (so it was easy to sew close to the edge without having to worry about pom poms getting in the way) and guided it through, making sure I was sewing it on straight.

Super cute, right?

The hardest part of this project by far was figuring out how I wanted the curtains tied.  There isn't enough room on either side of the window to hang them high and wide like I would like so I had to make do with the constrained space.  Before, I had them tied really low (scroll up to see) and that was okay, but I didn't feel like it made the most of the pom poms, so I tried tying it higher and higher until I settled on a look I liked.  I think they look princessy this way, or like pigtails, or something.  Whatever they look like, I'm diggin' it.

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  1. love them!!!! it is such a happy space! i could get creative in there.