Moody Mondays: A Teen Girl's Sanctuary

Monday, August 27, 2012

It's been a while since my last Moody Mondays post, but when I saw this wallpaper, I knew I had to create a teen girl's haven around it.

Source List:
Headboard: West Elm - $349
Bedding: Urban Outfitters - $79
Nightstand: Layla Grayce - $1,512(! - I'm sure you could find a much cheaper version of this and still get the same effect)
Lamp: - $59.89
Striped rug: Crate and Barrel - $299
Sheepskin rug: IKEA - $9.99
Chair: The Well Appointed House - $490
Pillow: Layla Grayce - $80

I created this mood board using Olioboard and either I'm really into Layla Grayce or her items show up at the top of the list when you search.  Either way, I'm totally digging her style.

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