Reviving Brass Candlesticks and Just a Hint of Fall

Monday, August 13, 2012

The other weekend, Steven and I stumbled across an awesome tag sale.  It was at what appeared to be an old lady's home (perhaps she passed away and her family was trying to clean out the house?), and she had treasure upon treasure.  It was really hard not to buy out the whole place, but I just came away with 4 tarnished brass candlesticks and 3 little silver pinecones (gah, I love them so much, but I will have to show them to you another day).  I just happened to have some Brasso left over from trying to clean a brass-bladed fan for SW Norwood so I thought I would see if it would revive the pretty little candlesticks.

It worked like a charm!  It actually looks like it turned them from brass to silver in this photo, but I promise, they were still brass!  (And yes, they really were $3 for all 4.)

Here you can tell that they really are still brass.  By the way, I know brass has been a bit passé for the past few years, but I think it's making a comeback!  This is the first bit of brass I've incorporated into my home, and I have to tell you - I like it!  Now don't get me wrong, I won't be switching out my brushed nickel faucets for brass anytime soon, but a couple of candlesticks?  I can deal with that.

Of course I had to run out to HobLob and get some candles to go in them and couldn't resist this little amber owl while I was there.

Is August too early to bring out some fall pieces?  I'm really trying to resist until September but it's so hard.  I think I'm allowed one little vignette though, don't you?

This little corner makes me happy every time I spot it from across the room.  Ahh, I love you fall.

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