31 Days of Shut Up and Sew: Button Tufted Box Pillow With Piping

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

It's Day 10 of...

Is that a long name for a pillow or what?  I simply couldn't think of anything shorter that would convey exactly what this pillow was.  I started out pretty easy this week with two envelope-back pillows (one with piping and one without), but I'm getting a little trickier on you today.  Don't worry, though, it's still pretty simple.

The idea for this pillow came from this image I pinned a while back:

Source: horchow.com via Jenna on Interest

That blue square pillow with white piping was $145 from Horchow.  Ouch!  I knew I could accomplish something similar if I set my mind to it.  Turns out it wasn't even all that difficult.

(2) 20" x 20" fabric squares (front and back)
(4) 20" x 6" fabric rectangles (sides)
Covered button in contrasting fabric
2 packages of piping (or about 5 yards if you want to make it yourself)
Poly-fil (probably 2 bags)
Matching thread
Matching embroidery floss and needle

1-2 hours

First, starting in the middle of one of the 20" x 20" squares (the front), sandwich the piping (with open end facing out) between the front and each side piece.  Do not pin the sides to each other, only to what will be the front of the pillow.

After the piping is sandwiched and pinned all the way around, you should have this:

Take it to your machine and sew each side on, making sure you're catching the piping as well.  You want to sew as close to the piping as possible, for a cleaner finished look (using a zipper foot is an easy way to accomplish this).  You should only be sewing straight seams.  Do not leave your needle in to turn the corner.  Just sew straight down each side, pick up your presser foot, then continue down the other side.  When the sides are sewn on, you should have this:

Iron the seams flat for a crisp look.

Now it's time to make the corners!  In each corner of the front, pin the two side pieces right sides together.  Make sure that when you sew them together you are creating a straight seam directly out of the corner of the pillow front.  In the photo below, my seam would be just about where the white heads of my pins are.

This is what that seam should look like for each corner of the pillow.

Onto the pillow back!  Pin and sew the piping all the way around.  You could do this at the same time you join the back to the front/sides, but I think it's easier to just do it now, that way you won't have to worry about it slipping and sliding.

Sorry I don't have a photo of this next part (it turned out super blurry!  note to self: check photo before you go on to next step.  d'oh!), but with the pillow front/sides inside out, pin the back piece right side down to each of the four side pieces and sew all the way around, leaving a 5" hole for turning/stuffing.

Now stuff, stuff, stuff with poly-fil!  You have to really work with it so it's not super lumpy, but I gave up on perfection after a while and called it good enough!  Before you sew the opening closed, tuft the pillow.  Feed embroidery floss through the button hole and tie a knot so it doesn't come out.  Then, with the floss threaded onto an embroidery needle, find the center of the pillow front and shove the needle straight down.  This pillow is so deep that it's hard to feed the needle through, so be careful not to poke yourself!  Pull tight and tie a knot on the back to secure.

Now hand stitch the opening closed.

Oh, were you wondering where I was going to put this pillow?  Where else?  The basement!

It now lives happily in the corner of our sectional.

I know it looks a little lonely, but don't worry, I still have more pillow plans!  (Steven asked me the other night exactly how many pillows I was planning to make for this couch and I told him it's enough when I say it's enough!)

Here's how it looked when we left off yesterday...

...and today!

I think I could have made it a smidge smaller, but it does fill out the corner nicely so I'm happy with it.  I think it's cute as a button.  Get it?  Button?  :)

So let's see what the cost breakdown for this pillow was.

Fabric:  Free (leftover from another project)
Button:  Free (already had it)
Piping:  $3.38
Poly-fil: $3

TOTAL:  $6.38

Hmm, quite a bit better than $145, doncha think?

What I Learned:
Poly-fil is super lumpy.  Learn to live with it.  Oh, and I learned how to make a nifty box pillow!

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  1. It's much nicer than the one you pinned. It looks really great!

  2. I L-O-V-E this pillow! It is so cute, I love the shape, the piping, the button - all of it!!