31 Days of Shut Up and Sew: Ruffly Flannel Scarf

Monday, October 15, 2012

Oh my word!  It's Day 15 of...

...and the first day of Fashion Week!  No, none of these items will be hitting the runway anytime soon, but hey, at least I made them myself!

Today is an easy ruffled scarf, inspired by Kimbo!

1/2 yard of flannel
Coordinating thread
2 yards of 3/8" elastic

About an hour

First things first, iron your fabric and cut it in half longways so you have two equally long skinny pieces.

Then pin the short ends together and sew, so you have one long scarf.

It's okay if the pattern doesn't match up.  Chances are, this seam will be hidden under your hair anyway.

This is where you should be.  If you're 5 feet like me, your scarf should just about touch the ground when it's wrapped around your neck.  If you're taller, then shut up because I hate you.

Just kidding, you know I love you. :)

Okay, now to hem the edges.  This part is super easy but takes a while because the scarf is so.dang.long.  Do the long sides first.  Turn under your fabric about 1/4" and iron it all the way down (no need for perfection here), then fold it over another 1/2" to hide your raw edge and iron again.  I used a tape measure to help me keep a consistent 1/2" seam.  Do the same for the short sides.  Pin (or don't - I find it's not totally necessary if you iron your hems first) and sew a 3/8" seam along all four edges.

Next is the not-so-fun part (at least in my opinion).  Grab your package of elastic...

...nestle one end under the hem (so the raw edge won't show), set your machine to it's longest stitch length, then SEW SUPER FAST, pulling the elastic tight as you go, to create ruffles.  The only way I could get my bobbin not to tangle up on the right side of my scarf was to sew as fast as my machine would go and to pull the elastic as tight as I could.  Maybe you have a better trick (if so, please share!), but that's what worked for me.

You can't really pin your elastic, so just eyeball it as you go, keeping it as close to the center of your scarf as possible.  It doesn't have to be perfect - no one will notice!

Ahh, a super cozy scarf for these cold months.

When you get a compliment from the waitress at Ruby Tuesday, you can smile inside knowing that she just complimented your handiwork!

What I Learned:
Check to make sure the elastic is not causing your bobbin to tangle up in big knots on the right side of your fabric before you sew down the entire length of the scarf.  If you don't, you will spend an entire episode of The Kennedys on Netflix with your seam ripper and a knotted, tangled mess.  Remember, SEW SUPER FAST!!

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  1. Fabulous! It looks so easy and great on you! I think I may have I make one. I love everything your doing and I plan to make some of your projects. I'll send you pics when I finish.

  2. I had family in town and am catching up on your posts all at once and am in crafting envy overload!! This scarf is perfect for Christmas gifts!! Thanks for the tutorial!

  3. LOVE this! I am going to have to make one for myself :)

    Shannon @ Sewing Barefoot