31 Days of Shut Up and Sew: Simple Envelope Back Pillows

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

It's Day 9 of...

Yesterday, I showed you guys the envelope back pillows with piping that I made for the sectional in our basement.  Well, if you recall, there were 3 big pillows that came with our sofa that just blended right in.  I decided to make covers for them because 1) what would I do with those 3 pillows if I bought new pillows and no longer needed them?, 2) I didn't want to buy any more pillow inserts when I already had something that would work, and 3) Steven thinks those pillows are uber comfy.  Although I would have loved some new down inserts that would allow for the perfect karate chop, it just didn't make sense for this project.

This hardly qualifies as a tutorial, because I used the same method for the piping pillows, just without the piping.  So check yesterday's post if you need all the gory details!

Supplies (for each 22" pillow):
22" x 22" fabric for front
(2) 22" x 14" fabric for back

About an hour

After you've hemmed the back pieces along one of the 22" edges, lay out the front piece right side up, then lay your back pieces on top of it, overlapping, right sides down.

Pin and sew all the way around, using 1/2" seam allowance.

Turn right side out and stuff your pillow in!

Thanks for the photo bomb, Abbie!

I only made 2 because I didn't have enough fabric for a third one, plus I have more pillow projects in the works for this sofa that will take the place of the one in the corner.  Oh, and to refresh your memory from yesterday, here's how the pillows looked before:

See how they just blend right in and are super boring?  Much better now!

Fabric for large pillows:  Waverly Ellis Panther
Fabric for small pillows:  Waverly Small Talk Blackbird

Here's another refresher of the boring before:

Ahh... I love the contrast the black and yellow pillows bring to the sofa, not to mention how the tie in the rest of the room's decor.

What I Learned
Sometimes using what you've got (in this case standard run-of-the-mill pillows that came with our sofa) instead of running out to buy the next best thing (i.e. down inserts) is just fine.  Oh, and envelope back pillows are about the easiest thing to sew ever.

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  1. The pillows pop on the couch! Last year I looked high and low for the perfect pillows for my couch and what I Should have done is just buy fabric and make them.

  2. Just going backward through your posts - a pop of red in the couch somewhere would look great too, tying I. With your other furnishings. Will use your tute for next pillows I make. Thanks xx