31 Days of Shut Up and Sew: T-Shirt Applique

Thursday, October 18, 2012

It's Day 18 of...

I have a super quick and easy project for you guys today!

I made a cute tee to support my alma mater, but this same technique will work for any design you want to add to a plain ol' tee.

T-shirt (mine was $8 from Target)
Fabric scraps of your choice (I had 3 options but only needed 2)
Heat-N-Bond (not pictured, but it's sold in a package in the sewing notions section of HobLob)
Shape to trace
Coordinating/contrasting thread

30 minutes or less

This project was so easy that I didn't take that many photos.  Also, since it's unlikely you will put a big A on your shirt, you don't really need my step-by-step instructions.  I'll just give you the general idea.

First:  Iron a square of Heat-N-Bond to each of your fabrics, roughly the size you want your finished shape to be, following the instructions on the package.  It's important to do this before you cut out your shapes or you will be cutting them out twice (ask me how I know this).

Since I wanted the yellow fabric to be an outline for the polka dotted fabric, I Heat-N-Bonded the polka dot fabric, cut out the smaller A, ironed it to the yellow fabric, then Heat-N-Bonded the yellow fabric and cut out the larger A.  Does that make sense?  I hope so.

Now you should have some shiny Heat-N-Bond on the back of your shape.  Iron it to your t-shirt following the instructions on the package.

Now, take it to your machine and stitch all the way around using matching thread if you're not that good at following shapes and contrasting thread if you are!  Also, it's important to stitch around the perimeter of each fabric because if you don't, it will start peeling up when you wash it.  We're not doing all this work to just wear the shirt one time!

And that's it!  Could it be any easier?

My stitch lines aren't perfect but they're pretty close, which is good enough for me!

And since it's hard to tell what it really looks like in the photos above, I thought I'd model it for you.

This shirt is super comfy and turned out really cute.  Watch out or soon I might be Heat-N-Bonding everything!

What I Learned
I alluded to it earlier, but it's very important to iron the Heat-N-Bond onto your fabric before you cut out your shape!  (It will tell you to do that in the instructions, but you have to actually read the instructions to get that info... duh!)

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