Chalkboard Walls: I tried my hand at chalk art

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Over the past week or so, I've been working on a new design for one of the chalkboard walls in my craft room.  (I can't quite work up the courage to erase the quotes on the other side yet, since it took hours to write them all up there.)

And here it is!

"The freedom to make mistakes provides the best environment for creativity."  The author of the quote is unknown, yet it speaks volumes for what goes on in my craft room every day.  Lots of mistakes, especially when it comes to sewing, yet it's that freedom to try something and fail that really gets my creative juices flowing.

Oh yeah, I blurred out the reflections in those wavy mirrors because helloooo I've been sewing for 31 days which has resulted in an extremely messy room.

Although in that first photo, you can kind of see me and my NEW TRIPOD (so excited!) taking the picture.

I googled "ribbons" to learn how to draw one and ever since I figured it out, I've been doodling them everywhere!  I.can't.get.enough.ribbons!

So, do you have a space where you're free to make mistakes?  Have I mentioned before how much I love chalk art?  Seriously, LOVE.

Click here for Chalkboard Walls take 1 and here for take 2.  If you want to see the rest of my craft room (when it was clean), click here.


  1. Well done. I love chalkboard art too. I did a very small chalkboard art not long ago and love it. The quote is perfect for craft room

  2. Gorgeous! You did a great job. Is there a certain chalk pen that you use? I've been looking for some and haven't purchased any yet!

  3. I LOVE are a very talented lady! I could never make my inspirational chalk wall look anywhere near that nice!

  4. LOVE this!! I don't think I'll ever tire of chalkboard walls -- this is so fun!